My colleague and I had a conversation in December and she exclaimed when I told my take home figure, she said it was lower than my qualifications. 

I felt unhappy and every time a salary related issue came up, I remembered and felt bad. 

After all, it was same work load,  I  already had the most important qualification before I was employed unlike them who had to go back to school on the job. The edge was that they were employed before I was.

In January, a program themed – my dream will not die was organized in church. Fortunately for me, my work schedule was favorable and I didn’t miss any of the days. Two of the prayer points of the many prayer points that struck me were:

Pray that God will fast forward you to where you should be in life. 

That you obtain the necessary grace and mercy to be ahead of those better than yourself.

I absorbed them and prayed. After all, He is my only connection.

And today, I received a letter from my HR, my salary was reviewed for better. I get to earn same salary with a colleague who is about 9 years old at work. 

God is Unconventional, So I’m Unconventional! Are you Unconventional? 

And God supplied my needs not according to Nigeria’s economy but according to His riches in glory. 

Today, I am a year old at work, I have no course to be identified with shame or any form of disgrace. My money has not been deducted for mistakes or what I know nothing about. I have experienced immersed favor. He has granted me journey mercies and pleasant surprises. 

God held me in the hollow of his palm in spite of how the devil tried to make a pun on his game board. 

Baba, you too de bless me, 

My Hope against hope, 

You’re sweeter than the honey and the honeycomb, 

King of my heart, 

The Fountain I drink from, 

The Mountain I run to, 

The Shadow where I hide, 

The Fire in my veins, 

Everything written about you is great. 

My Wonderful wonder, 

You’re Amazing dear Lord and you’ve overwhelmed my heart with Joy!

He will overwhelm your heart with joy in Jesus Name, Amen. 


Hello everyone! Have you heard of Glaucoma? 

Do you know it is called the silent thief of sight? Oh yes! 

That’s because of its slow onset and progression, causing permanent vision loss with very few or no early warning signs. 

Here are some FACTS on Glaucoma:

It is the second cause of blindness and the most common cause of irreversible blindness worldwide.

60 million people are affected by Glaucoma worldwide. 

1 in 40 adults older than 40 years has Glaucoma with vision loss. 

As many as 60% of Glaucoma cases run in families. 

50% of Glaucoma cases are undiagnosed

I’ll advice that you read again the facts slowly.

Is there any history of blindness in the family or among relatives? It doesn’t matter if such blindness was attributed to natural or spiritual cause. 

It doesn’t even matter if there is a history or not, remember the 40% cases that don’t run in families. 

Have your eyes examined ASAP, vision lost to Glaucoma is IRREVERSIBLE

GLAUCOMA is a group of diseases that gradually damage the optic nerve in the eye and may result in vision loss and blindness. 


It is frequently caused by build up of pressure inside the eye, called intra ocular pressure (IOP). Normally eye fluid circulates through the front chamber of the eye to nourish and protect eye structures. This fluid then flow out through a drainage canal situated in the angle of the front part of the eye. 

If the drainage canal becomes blocked, pressure builds up inside the eye and damages the optic nerve, which is responsible for transmitting images to the brain. 

Because the optic nerve cannot regenerate, damage results in permanent vision loss. 

*Heaves… I hope you grasped if not entirely but enough.


Although it cannot be cured, treatment often stops its progression. 

Lowering eye pressure is the only way to achieve that and preserve vision. 

Treatment include medical therapy, surgery and laser therapy.

Look out for more information on this ‘silent thief of sight’ on this blog. Do not forget to do the needful including a sight saving gossip. *Winks*

Have a fantastic week! 

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This post was first published in 2014, decided to touch it up and share once more.

Mind you, this knowledge is not restricted to the ladies as the guys could never tell when the information here will be needed.

Menstruation is the simple process of shedding the old uterine lining
to make way for a new one. When conception doesn’t take place, the uterus weeps, hence, the tears of a disappointed uterus.(beams) For some, this tears are painful, hence, menstrual pain.
Its inconveniences include: bloat, backache, leg aches, headaches, zits,
cramps, and mood swings. And those are on good menstrual days. On
a bad day, bleeding is so heavy you can’t move without gushing or
you’re too tired to breathe, vomiting, diarrhea, lost of appetite and inability to keep anything in the stomach, restlessness, among others.

While others don’t bother about any inconvenience except ensuring their pads are in place.

-Marry water, an adult ought to take at least 3L of water on daily basis. In between, you can take warm fluid.  Not so cool to be dehydrated because it triggers cramp.

-Warm compress -Dip a small towel in hot water and use to mildly apply pressure on the lower abdomen. The water should not too hot to cause burn.

– Ginger: This is a cramp reliever, and as an added bonus it sometimes
can make irregular periods regular. What I do is wash it thoroughly after skinning, cut in pieces and blend. Cook with a cup of water until It boils, I filter, add honey and sip. Sometimes I do that with a bag of Lipton.

-Do what we in medical line will call divertional therapy: Do something that will distract you from the pain. Is it a stroll, listening to soothing songs, seeing movies, gisting with friends, reading a book by favorite author, etcetera.

Do the pelvic tilt to relieve cramps. Lie on your back with your knees
bent and your feet flat. Tighten your abdominal muscles and your
buttocks and raise your pelvis, angling it toward your head. Press
your lower back to the floor, and hold the position for a few
seconds. Gently lower your buttocks to the floor. Repeat several

Exercise : Even if it is taking some steps forward and backwards or stooping and standing.

When you can’t eat anything else, eat crackers!

-Avoid fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverage, caffeine.


-Eat healthy: Nuts, fruits, vegetables (if constipated ) and do less of vegetables if diarrhea is the case until it passes.

I don’t mind you sharing some of the things you do that helps.

Please, I need suggestions of names that have inspired you to share on this blog so their story can inspire us as well. Thank you.

Share your opinion please

Hope you are having a fabulous friday and if yours is not so fabulous as mine, do your best and hand it all over to God, it shall pass like those in time past and we will come out better and stronger. Have you experienced advance(s) from a married man or woman? Or do you know someone who experienced such advances or made such advances?

Some of these people claim all is well in their homes while others don’t hide the fact that all is not well. Some just want one to be their friends, someone they can chat, talk or hang out with while others are sex deprived and want that void filled.

I intend to write a story on this inspired from personal experiences but I am interested in realistic opinions to be avoid been biased in my writing.

Why do you think the married are interested in the singles? Why are the singles attractive to the married? 

Do share your opinion please.




Depression is a common mental disorder, characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, feelings of tiredness, and poor concentration.

Globally, more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression.
* It is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the global burden of disease.
* More women are affected by depression than men.
* Common among the introverts.


Having suffered depression in my early teens and have drifted in and out subsequently, I recognize it is not a good emotion to have talk more of allowing it fester.

Some causes include:
– Major stresses, such as going through
a serious illness or losing someone
close to you.
– Hormonal changes. As hormones
fluctuate after having a baby, before
and during menstruation, and during
– Medications. Check with your doctor if
you’ve recently started a new
medication and are feeling symptoms
of depression.

– Find a shoulder you can lean on. A confidant.

-Surround yourself with positive people as much as you can.
– Discover what makes you happy. For me, it is music. On my phone I have some selected songs I call mine. I play them when have signs and symptoms of D and soon, am singing and dancing. Great movies and Writing does work for me.
– Change your thinking and speaking. Begin to only say good things about yourself. Make of a list of your best qualities and what the Word says about you and begin to confess it.

-Meditate and ponder on the truth from God’s word like John 3:16, 2Cor. 5:21, Isaiah 43:4, search for other related scriptures and personalize them.

-Go for medical examination to ensure there is no underlining disease or condition.
– Exercise for 90 minutes a week.
– Keep yourself warm.
– Be sociable.
– Get eight hours of sleep.
Irrespective of what you’re going through or have been through, you’re not creation mistake, you’re God’s special child!
Get close to him and He will make all things perfect in His OWN TIME.
Share your thoughts and contributions, will be looking forward to them.







‘Congratulation Miss. Emenike, we usually don’t give the post of our head of department just like that.’

‘You didn’t exactly dish it out while I was on a rocking chair.’ She said quietly.

The M.D laughed as he placed his palms on the table. ‘I like you Beatrice; you are an outstanding beauty with a brain that suit.’

‘Thank you” she smiled.

‘Where do you say we celebrate in a grand style, we could hook you in your favourite venue and wouldn’t mind the bill.’ He beamed displaying his handsome features.

‘I like your style M.D, the brain is considered first followed by beauty, body and bill.’ Her expression remained and her eyes did not leave his face.

‘Thanks for the compliment where do we go to, Sheraton, Renaissance …?’

‘Count your teeth with your tongue.’ She stated coolly.

‘What does that mean?’ His expression betrayed his surprise laced with confusion.

‘The statement once more is count your teeth with your tongue.’ She stood and picked her employment letter. ‘When you can figure the meaning or possibly do that, present your invitation again. Thanks very much Mr Shola.’ She turned to leave.

‘I’m not through with you.’ He stood shocked at the turn of event.

‘I’m done here. The next person I need to talk to is your human resource manager. See you later.’ She took purposeful strides to the door.


‘B.B, what are you doing?’

‘Talking to my fish.’ She returned with eyes trained on the aquarium in the sitting room.

‘I can’t believe this! The son of the first citizen of this state is talking about the only daughter of Emenike on radio and she is busy talking to a fish.’

She jumped down the balcony. ‘El, are you serious? What did… oh my God! Which radio station?’

‘You should know.’ He drawled.

She ran to her room.

‘I … I not only want to blow a goodnight kiss but say a big congratulation to her!’

‘Why are we congratulating this friend darl?’

‘She’s got her dream job.’

‘Why do you all make me beg every time?’

He chuckled. ‘You want to know the kind of relationship?’

‘Can you beat that, He is still asking me?’

‘She is the greatest friend I’ve ever had and I love her.’

Beatrice smiled ‘Thanks Lanre.’ She whispered.

‘That’s so sweet! Girlfriend anywhere you are, if you’re not blushing, I am blushing pink and purple on your behalf.’ Rosamund chuckled.

‘I’ll like super human for her.’

‘Goodness gracious girlfriend! What have you done to this guy? I’ll put it on for her darl. Thanks for calling me.’

‘Have a lovely rest of the day.’

‘You too.’





‘You’ve got the coolest voice I’ve ever heard.’

‘Here we go again.’ She laughed. ‘Thanks sweetheart.’

‘I came for you on Monday and was informed that you just left the building.’

‘I’m so sorry darling, I’d love to meet you. You know, link the rich baritone voice to a face.’

‘What were all those Romeo was saying yesterday…?’

Rosamund burst into laughter.

‘It was really painful I couldn’t get through. I don’t think Romeo knows I listen to you every night and has to be careful of what he says.’

‘Tell him Jide, tell him.’

‘Romeo, be careful. I am a jealous guy and could be mean when I want to. Back to you darling, my big goodnight kiss is to you. You’re my red wine; I’m dedicating that song to you.’

‘Thank you very much sweetheart, thank you.’

‘Take care.’

‘Dear Lord, please have mercy on me.’ She put up a serious voice.


‘I don’t understand why some guys find it difficult to read the handwriting on the wall; I don’t know why Jide can’t simply accept the obvious. You are not even on her list as top five just in case you don’t know.’ Romeo responded to Jide’s earlier comment.

‘Duh!’ She rolled her eyes.

‘Hi, my angel.’

‘Hi my familiar.’

‘Sweetie, don’t get angry that I didn’t acknowledge you first. Jide was on the verge of making me upset.’

‘No problem. Funny that you’re talking to me after him.’

‘It’s not funny sweetie, divine suits best.’

‘I stand corrected.’ She chuckled.

‘I’m blowing a goodnight kiss to the person whose voice serenades me to a sweet and peaceful night rest. The very one who sees to the comfort of others, and that’s my angel, Rosamund. I’m requesting drowning in your love.’

‘No Romeo.’

‘Yes Rosa, you know I love you.’

‘No darl.’

‘I’ll sue Jide.’

‘I was only teasing.’

‘You just know how to love me right.’

‘Get off my line now!’



‘This is really something matron Ehi, from all I can see she is a carrier.’ Doctor Jewel looked up from the comprehensive laboratory results.

‘Yes Doctor. She has to be counselled properly, being a carrier does not guarantee her liberation besides she pose a threat to others depending.” Ehi was seated across her on a vinyl chair.

I’ll handle her case. When was she asked to come again?’

‘On Friday.’


Ehi observed her as she pulled a file from the cabinet. ‘How about Treasure, I’m beginning to miss her comprehensive reports on B.B.C.’

‘Flew to Jamaica yesterday.’

‘I thought she was on vacation.’

‘She was the only that could handle the job well. You know how it all works everywhere.’

‘I do.’ She said. ‘Is that why you’re sad?’

Jewel dropped her pen and looked at her. ‘So I appear sad?’

‘Disturbed should be the right word?’

‘I’m used to Treasure’s work and everything that comes with it. The reason why I may appear disturbed is that for the past couple of days, I meet variety of present in my outdoor basket by an anonymous admirer.’

‘Interesting!’ Her face light up.

‘And scary too because I’m getting gifts of the brands I love.’ She gestured to a cabinet at the other end of the office. ‘They are over there.’

Ehi leapt to her feet for the cabinet. ‘They are lovely and costly; I see why you are disturbed. I can assure you that they are not coming from the professionals in this hospital, they are not cowards. I’ll advise that you don’t use them until you know who the sender is.’

‘Trust me. My mum taught not me accept things from stranger especially those that are faceless.’ Jewel told her cheerfully.

‘I believe there will be no more disappointment and heartbreak for you. I’ve been praying for you and I’m going to tell the world how much of an inspiration you’ve been to everyone here especially me tonight.’

‘Thank you very much Ehi, I’ll stay close to our friend in the box.’ She beamed wondering if listening to radio can be regarded as a form of addiction.




“Raph, you just blew my mind. I … I … can’t believe you just said that. Really… if you don’t want to continue based on the medical report, I’ll understand and I promise to survive.’ May had tears in her alluring brown eyes.

‘No way!’ Raphael told her firmly. ‘I’ve taken time out to think about everything through and through. My decision is what I gave to you dear.’

‘See… I….’ She swallowed the shakiness in her voice and started once more. ‘You don’t have to marry me out of pity.’

‘You are not disabled neither are you not begging me for money. For goodness sake May, I am going to marry you because I – love – you!’ He took her hands in his and looked down at the entwined palms for few moments before looking at her face. ‘Stop giving me excuse please… May.’  He called. ‘May, I want you to look at me.’

Tears rolled down her face. ‘You are the only the one I’ve got under the sun, you are everything. You know how special you are to me. Hand in hand, we will climb every mountain together and I believe God’s grace will be sufficient for us. Raphael… I love you so much that I’m terrified of losing you. Please don’t leave me.’ She burst into tears.

He drew her close and rested her head on his shoulder. ‘Why would I want to let my beauty go?’

“I’ll slash you out of my way!!!” The soft spoken voice was replaced with one that was shrill and fierce.

‘No May! No….!’ He woke up with a start and look around the disarrayed sitting room where he had slumped. Then, he burst into tears.


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