In a country where it’s so cheap to die.

On Monday, while I was waiting to board a bus after work. A tanker passed with fluid leaking its behind and spilling to the ground. I was thrown into hysteria.

Seriously? 😧

Life is a vapor which is now and not in the next moment.

As I fed my almost 90 years patient with pap and moi moi. I was pleased at his huge appetite.
I wondered that none of children stayed with him despite his incontinence and disability.
I wondered that once upon a time he had been independent.
I wondered at what kind of life he had lived and what kind of father he had been and was.

I remembered patients who kept appointments with an entourage.

I remembered some of my loved ones no more.

How no one had called me a that name I love since my granny passed

I remembered mistakes I never thought I would make.

I thought about mile stones I never thought I’ll achieved.

Surfing the net most times bring to mind how cheap it is to die. The young and old.

Life is a mist.

It only make sense in Christ.