The word of God is light indeed. Let’s glean from 3 John.

I pray that the word of God will be light unto our path in Jesus name, Amen.

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The book was a letter addressed to Gaius.

A man who was loved, blessed and prayed by the elder of the church because he

  • Had the truth(the word of God) in him and walked in the truth(acted the word)
  • Faithfully assisted the labourers of Christ and strangers in such a way that they had enough, were energized to do the work of the Lord and accepted nothing from the Gentiles.

About Demetrius,

He had good report of all men and of the truth (standard of God’s word).

And on Diotrephes,

  • He was the guy that loved to put himself first. If he wasn’t the one that did it then it was rubbish, it wasn’t good enough. He had no respect for the opinion of others.
  • He spread false accusations against the brethren.
  • He lacked contentment
  • He wouldn’t receive the brethren and hinder those who wanted to, rather he threw them out.

Can you imagine that this guy was in the church yet he was a cog in the wheel?

This word calls for meditation.

Are you an example of Gaius and Demetrius or Diotrephes?