The ramble continued and I wondered what could go wrong that Saturday evening.
Then I saw her.

A baby was strapped to her back and a boy of about 3 years clung to her hand.
I peered and studied her. She seemed to be that woman, the homeless one who sat by the gate of the mart.

I guessed.

She was bad for business and a customer must have complained or the security had swing to action and sent her away before they got one.

She was furious and was throwing planks, plastic containers and anything she could lay her hands on the vehicles that passed by.

Some of those vehicles slowed down confused and wondering but not for long before they drove off. Why bother?

Insanity? Psychosis?

Commanding the boy to wait by the road side, she recklessly crossed the road whilereleasing loud expletives to pick her weapon of vengeance.

The plank

My heart beat quickened and I prayed fervently that the child remain by the side of the road. I also prayed that the drivers be cautious.

What’s her story? How did she end up homeless with two children?


There’s a line between sanity and insanity, it might be the that not so pleasant story and your attitude to it.

Christ arose and He is higher than whatever maybe your fears and the source of your tears. He is able to change your story to glory. Hallelujah 🙌
🤸🏻‍♂Happy Easter!

And please, take care of You.