Good morning, it’s been a while I took the 🎤by this time but I’ve something I’m inspired to share. 

When I found the book- When God Doesn’t Make Sense by James C. Dobson. I ensured I purred over each page because I was going through emotional, psychologically and verbal abuse. I was praying and trusting God for a difference, yet nothing changed. 

Not too long after, I suffered the physical abuse that made me cry out heart broken-“God why?”

As the days became months, I learnt to trade my Ashes for beauty. 

This is message is not about me, it’s just a reminder that there will be phases when it seems like God doesn’t make sense even in 2018. 

Remember this – He is aware. Our Father knows. 

Don’t give up, don’t give to the turbulence because that’s all the enemy what. Disappoint him.