Please don’t hurt me, I don’t mean me actually.  

Story story… 

Once upon a time… 

A young man expressed an interest in me but was reluctant because he didn’t want to get hurt, having being heart broken from his previous relationship. He wanted an assurance I wouldn’t hurt him🙄
There’s nobody on this earth that won’t hurt another because as humans we don’t have the capacity never to hurt another. 

Most times, it’s usually not our intention to. 

Back to my story o jare, told him I wasn’t the girl for him. 

By the way when hurting another becomes intentional, a trip to meet King JC should be booked ASAP. 😁

Happy hols to those observing and for those who aren’t like myself, God is our strength. 🤗

🤔 At an after thought, having a mindset that your dearly beloved or any other for that matter wouldn’t hurt you is a big mistake. And when it does happen, it’s going to leave you mouth agape like a statue in the middle of an ever flowing river.
That doesn’t mean we should interact with others with the expectation to be hurt o.