I was battered, traumatized with a pain that almost seared my heart… 

Dazed, I wondered at the mystery surrounding the events and the initiator, 

Broken, I wept, sought healing physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. 

In my quest, I made mistakes, fell flat on my face and wallowed in depression,

I let go of some friends and made new ones, 

I realized I was a human being, not a human been,

So I embraced my process, 

Learnt to danced in the rain,

Learn to laugh even with tears-filled eyes,

Learnt to stop giving human the place that belonged to God in my life, 

Learn to tell myself ‘it will pass too’  when the devil reminds it is a battle via my health and circumstances,

I understood the meaning of love and so many life nuggets,

I learnt to be me, 

I grew tougher and stronger, 

I learnt to define my joy and happiness via myself and God not others, 

I gleaned the lessons given to me via my patients, people, mentors,  messages, books, etc

My Unconventional God… 

through it all you were there for me, 

even when I questioned you, 

even when I just wanted to be on my own, 

You’ve used the wilderness to groom me, 

You blessed and enriched me, 

You favored and gave me pleasant surprises, 

You answered my prayers,

You taught me how to trade my ashes for Beauty. 

Behold, the new me and the better me still incubating! 

I love you, 

I know I don’t show and tell you enough, 

I’ll be nothing without You. 

Sometimes I scroll through my gallery, 

even my old pics can’t compete with my new pics,  

the transformation is that glaring. 

I’m grateful every person God has used in my life. 

I’m grateful for my family, blog family, my work family and church. 

It’s my new season! 

It’s my birthday! 

It’s her birthday!

My darling baby sister, Christabel. 
I’m blessed to have you and sometimes wonder why God decided we share same birthday. 

I have no iota of doubt that it’s going to our best season ever.