Hope you are doing well, top of the day to you. I’m sorry I’ve been unavoidably absent. Today’s post is a sequel to this. Read before proceeding if you haven’t.

Glaucoma is a progressive disease that requires continuous, long-term administration of medication as directed by an ophthalmologist. For some people, they require more than one eye drop. 

The American Glaucoma Society Patient Care Improvement Project identified forgetfulness as the main barrier to using glaucoma medication. 

Practical tools and tips as reminder to use medication are:

-Develop a habit of taking drops with certain daily routines like before brushing your teeth or just after night bath or dinner. 

-Feel free to ask your ophthalmologist for written or printed instructions that you can consult or tick off. 

-Design your own dosing schedule and place where you can see and others to remind you. 

-Set an alarm or program electronic reminders to help you keep track of dosing schedule. 

-Most Eye hospitals remind patients of appointment time but ensure you always take note of appointment and set a reminder. Also tell someone close to remind you too.

Once diagnosis and treatment regimens are established, there is need for regular visits to an ophthalmologist to assess progression of the disease and response to therapy. 

Try not to miss your appointment.

Note that not keeping to one’s treatment regimen lead to progression of disease and further vision loss. 

Till next post when I will be sharing tips on how to effectively instill eye drops, do not jeopardize your right to sight and don’t forget to comment and ask questions.