My colleague and I had a conversation in December and she exclaimed when I told my take home figure, she said it was lower than my qualifications. 

I felt unhappy and every time a salary related issue came up, I remembered and felt bad. 

After all, it was same work load,  I  already had the most important qualification before I was employed unlike them who had to go back to school on the job. The edge was that they were employed before I was.

In January, a program themed – my dream will not die was organized in church. Fortunately for me, my work schedule was favorable and I didn’t miss any of the days. Two of the prayer points of the many prayer points that struck me were:

Pray that God will fast forward you to where you should be in life. 

That you obtain the necessary grace and mercy to be ahead of those better than yourself.

I absorbed them and prayed. After all, He is my only connection.

And today, I received a letter from my HR, my salary was reviewed for better. I get to earn same salary with a colleague who is about 9 years old at work. 

God is Unconventional, So I’m Unconventional! Are you Unconventional? 

And God supplied my needs not according to Nigeria’s economy but according to His riches in glory. 

Today, I am a year old at work, I have no course to be identified with shame or any form of disgrace. My money has not been deducted for mistakes or what I know nothing about. I have experienced immersed favor. He has granted me journey mercies and pleasant surprises. 

God held me in the hollow of his palm in spite of how the devil tried to make a pun on his game board. 

Baba, you too de bless me, 

My Hope against hope, 

You’re sweeter than the honey and the honeycomb, 

King of my heart, 

The Fountain I drink from, 

The Mountain I run to, 

The Shadow where I hide, 

The Fire in my veins, 

Everything written about you is great. 

My Wonderful wonder, 

You’re Amazing dear Lord and you’ve overwhelmed my heart with Joy!

He will overwhelm your heart with joy in Jesus Name, Amen.