This post was first published in 2014, decided to touch it up and share once more.

Mind you, this knowledge is not restricted to the ladies as the guys could never tell when the information here will be needed.

Menstruation is the simple process of shedding the old uterine lining
to make way for a new one. When conception doesn’t take place, the uterus weeps, hence, the tears of a disappointed uterus.(beams) For some, this tears are painful, hence, menstrual pain.
Its inconveniences include: bloat, backache, leg aches, headaches, zits,
cramps, and mood swings. And those are on good menstrual days. On
a bad day, bleeding is so heavy you can’t move without gushing or
you’re too tired to breathe, vomiting, diarrhea, lost of appetite and inability to keep anything in the stomach, restlessness, among others.

While others don’t bother about any inconvenience except ensuring their pads are in place.

-Marry water, an adult ought to take at least 3L of water on daily basis. In between, you can take warm fluid.  Not so cool to be dehydrated because it triggers cramp.

-Warm compress -Dip a small towel in hot water and use to mildly apply pressure on the lower abdomen. The water should not too hot to cause burn.

– Ginger: This is a cramp reliever, and as an added bonus it sometimes
can make irregular periods regular. What I do is wash it thoroughly after skinning, cut in pieces and blend. Cook with a cup of water until It boils, I filter, add honey and sip. Sometimes I do that with a bag of Lipton.

-Do what we in medical line will call divertional therapy: Do something that will distract you from the pain. Is it a stroll, listening to soothing songs, seeing movies, gisting with friends, reading a book by favorite author, etcetera.

Do the pelvic tilt to relieve cramps. Lie on your back with your knees
bent and your feet flat. Tighten your abdominal muscles and your
buttocks and raise your pelvis, angling it toward your head. Press
your lower back to the floor, and hold the position for a few
seconds. Gently lower your buttocks to the floor. Repeat several

Exercise : Even if it is taking some steps forward and backwards or stooping and standing.

When you can’t eat anything else, eat crackers!

-Avoid fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverage, caffeine.


-Eat healthy: Nuts, fruits, vegetables (if constipated ) and do less of vegetables if diarrhea is the case until it passes.

I don’t mind you sharing some of the things you do that helps.

Please, I need suggestions of names that have inspired you to share on this blog so their story can inspire us as well. Thank you.