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Hope you are having a fabulous friday and if yours is not so fabulous as mine, do your best and hand it all over to God, it shall pass like those in time past and we will come out better and stronger. Have you experienced advance(s) from a married man or woman? Or do you know someone who experienced such advances or made such advances?

Some of these people claim all is well in their homes while others don’t hide the fact that all is not well. Some just want one to be their friends, someone they can chat, talk or hang out with while others are sex deprived and want that void filled.

I intend to write a story on this inspired from personal experiences but I am interested in realistic opinions to be avoid been biased in my writing.

Why do you think the married are interested in the singles? Why are the singles attractive to the married? 

Do share your opinion please.





  1. well some reason(s) why this tend to happen could come from the wife…I was listening to a programme about the difficulties or problems being encountered by couples and a caller said he his hating how his wife is getting fat unnecessary… and this more often than not pose a great threat of keeping the marriage “holy”.
    some men are attracted to a lady that is in shape and less attracted when she is out of shape…if u know what I mean…this can make a married man to go get a young Lady that is so on shape because the satisfaction he has for his wife is no more there anymore and he believes he can get that satisfaction outside… thanks#


  2. Married couples have a variety of reasons why they get attracted to singles, and vice versa. Some f the reasons have been mentioned above. So no need for repetition. Buy in addition to that, here some points fro. My view point.
    1. Why married couples are attracted to singles
    Desire for explorative “Taste of Fresh Blood”
    Some married couples are fed up with same person over again and want a taste of fresh blood just to explore. Some have an insatiable desire for fresh unmarried partners and keeps changing the partners like underwear.

    2. Some could be for financial gains. Say a married woman who has no control for desires of money and she meets a single guy who has excess cash and he is ready to spend.

    3. Some wish to be single again, as a result of been disappointed when the marriage doesn’t get so rosy as they thought. So they envy their single colleagues and wish to be like them

    4. Some need a shoulder to lean on. Say a lady who isn’t happy in her marriage because the husband doesn’t have her time and there is this single guy in her office that’s ready to hear everything problem she wants to voice out, even if she is on her period, he is ready to help out. She will get attracted to him, and in less than no time, one thing will lead to something.

    And many more.

    Similar thing also applies to single people getting attracted to the married.
    If I thing of more, I will gist you. Nice reading your blog. You just reminds me that you have a blog. And I like your recent article on Tears of a Disappointment Uterus (I hope the uterus will not be disappointment next time. May her tears be rolled away and her prayers be answered. And may her weeping end with the night, and joy come in the morning). Also, I like your articles on Missing link. You are really a gifted Inspirational Author and Counsellor. Maybe one day,we will come to your for counselling and advice.
    Keep it up


    • You and your sense of humor, we are rejecting that prayer as we are sexponsible and claiming it for when we are married and those married and trusting God for the fruit of the womb.
      Gratitude for the listed on the issue highlight.


  3. Many factors cause this:
    Summarily, there is a gross decay in our value system & social norms.

    Our celebrities/role model paint a picture of wealth, infidelity, etc. and we have gradually accepted them as being normal. Church leaders don’t help matters too.

    People no longer value faithfulness both in relationships and marriage.

    There has also been an INCREASE in the value attached to cash/money. Single guys will very easily want to be with a wealthy married female boss, since they feel they can use the cash from her to take care of the younger girl (the real one). The girl in turn, does not care where the money comes from.

    Older men want them young and will buy these small girls with money. These girls also want to live above their means.


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