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It couldn’t be true… no… It was only a belief… a cloud that will pass soon. Could it ever be possible….could it be possible that in no time it will be back to zero point… emptiness, loneliness, gloom and unhappiness will take over? And then… and then there will be only memories… that would dominate and be relished for a moment and fade away the next leaving nothing but painful and provoking reality.

The suitcase was slammed shut and its tires screeched on the floor. He felt tears, strength leaving him, his knees buckling, his feet going ‘e’, his throat becoming dry but like a soldier already in the battle front, he couldn’t turn back, he had to keep his hand trained to his gun hoping that he wouldn’t go down in the end. After all, his investment, happiness, peace of mind, and life were all at stake.

‘May, you can’t leave me; you know how much you mean do me. I guess I blew my top… we can sort this, we can talk this through.’

‘I don’t give a damn about talks anymore! I am tired of talking. I don’t belong to you from henceforth and I am leaving for my liberation whether you like it or not.’

‘Sweetheart, what happens to our love, dreams, vows, all the wonderful times we had together… what happens to our marriage?’ His palms were opened before him.

‘I don’t care!’

‘I know you care… you’re only upset’. He stepped closer. ‘I know you care about…’

‘I’m serious!’ She let the handle of the suitcase go and looked back. ‘If you want proof, I’ll give you,’ she removed her pencil heeled shoe and hit their wedding portrait hung on the wall. It shattered to a million pieces.

He stood dumb folded and transfixed like a statue in the middle of an ever flowing river.

But she was not done yet, she shattered every framed picture of them in the room. She put on her shoe and grabbed the handle of the suitcase and advance towards him. ‘I guess I can’t help myself; you can never satisfy me no matter how hard you try. I don’t need you anymore; I just needed you for a couple of season and it’s ended now.’

‘What …? May…?’ He choked.

‘Get out of my way… get out now!’ She reached into the purse she was holding and fetched a knife. ‘If you don’t leave, I’ll slash you out of my way.’

She moved closer, ‘Are you deaf…..? Get out!’ She roared.

He stepped aside overwhelmed; his eyes were then filled with tears.

‘I have already filed for divorce and you can be rest assured you won’t miss any of your property.’

There were a couple of smashes in the sitting room and shatters followed. He knew what she had done. Those final actions launch into his heart and rent it apart.

Raphael Ugwuchi collapsed.




Beatrice Emenike in a sleeveless navy jacquard dress with feet in matching sandals and hand clinging to a neutral bag with chain handle, sashayed into the study smiling. Of her brothers she was the least tall but above average, olive skinned, slender and very beautiful. ‘All of my big bros are in suit. What’s up guys?’

They were seated round a desk, papers and documents neatly distributed.

‘You don’t stay at a place anymore.’ Ejike, the second son of the family rebuked.

‘Where have you been?’ The third, Chikere asked curious.

‘What happened to your phone?’ Her immediate elder brother Elvis said, ‘We’ve been trying to reach you?’

Her gaze swept their faces analytically. ‘I don’t believe I am here to be questioned.’

‘It is wrong to answer questions with question and you…. haven’t answered my question?’ Chikere stated.

“Am I sixteen?’ She directed her gaze to him.

“Beatrice, you…’

‘I’m sorry but can I ask you a question?’ She prevaricated, her face blank and ready to do battle. They all knew her well, one of her powerful talent.

‘I see you are in a mood to be punished.’

Her eldest brother Uche, who had been reading and signing some documents, dropped his pen and stood. ‘B.B, your dress is beautiful.’ He advanced towards her with a smile.

‘Big brother, you are my best no contest.’ She beamed.

He pulled a chair. ‘Sit down darling.’

‘Thank you.’ She sat down gracefully.

He went back to his seat.

She smiled sweetly and blinked her eyes severally not caring about the eyes that shot daggers at her which was more than a pair.

‘The sun is not descending politely; hope it didn’t descend all on you.’

‘Partially, I went to the bank as a rule I switched off my phone.’ Her face light up. ‘I stumbled on the M.D. and he happened to be that senior that wooed me back in high school.’

‘Hmmm!’ Elvis raised his brows.

‘When is the outing or better still date?’ Chikere said testily.

‘Dinner tonight, care to join?’ She returned in the same vein. ‘What is the meeting for?’ She directed to Uche.

‘The family has decided to have Elvis head the branch in South African while you take his position.’

‘What a great family I have! Am I not so lucky?’ She smiled sweetly. ‘I beg your pardon chief executive officers of Emenike Group of companies, I’m afraid I can’t take the offer.’

‘Why B.B, don’t you like the location?’ Ejike was concerned.

‘Abuja is fabulous.’

‘I know what you can’t stand B, the people under me are serious minded and there are lot of cute guys over there.’ Elvis expressed with a smile.

She rolled her eyes.

‘Give us your choice, let’s consider it, you never can tell what we might willing to do for you.’ Chikere encouraged.

‘Come on babe, talk to us.’ Uche seconded.

She placed enclosed palms on the polished desk.

‘I know that based on my knowledge, I’ll do well in Abuja but … I won’t grow, you guys know how I’m like – ever learning. I want to stretch, please guys….I begged to be excused. If I am better out there, it will reflect in E.G, I am still part of this committee and I’ll always be available.’

Silence prevailed for few minutes.

‘Ejike, what do you have to say?’

‘We are all doing this because it is what we love and hence, went into it willingly. Our reward is the success story of E.G. I’m glad BB spoke her mind and we have to respect her request.’

Uche turned to Chikere.

‘That is her belief and we have to respect that so that she gets her fulfilment.’

Elvis smile. ‘I agree with my big bros provided we still have her.’

‘Guess what babe…’ Uche met her gaze.

‘What?’ She asked with a faint smile

‘I respect you; I’ve got lot of respect for you.’

She covered her mouth in surprise and they all laughed at her reaction.

‘Elvis, since you’re closer give her a high five.’

‘What is wrong with this one, raise your hand jare?’ He teased as he obeyed his brother.

‘So where will you like to work? We can help out.’ Chikere asked.

‘Like I don’t know the level of connections the Emenike brothers command.’ She beamed. ‘I’ll go job hunting myself. By the way, I have an interview on Monday. When I get a job, I’ll take you guys out to celebrate.’

‘Cool!’ Ejike and Elvis exclaimed.

‘Pass this to her, babe look through those papers and tell me what you think.’




‘Welcome to heart to heart, hi there.’ Rosamund Benedict, multiple award winning On Air Personality and host of the evening belt on radio. Her voice conveyed her smile via the electromagnetic device to all of her listeners all over the world.

‘How is my sweetheart doing today?’ A male caller asked.

‘Very well and you my familiar?’

Because of her always recognition of his voice, he chuckled. ‘Great, because my day will be complete now that I’m hearing your voice.’

‘That’s so sweet, thanks darl. What’s your freaking story Romeo from Lagos Island; it’s a full moon night.’

‘I went for an occasion with a friend of mine and his girl. I don’t know…’

‘Please don’t do that, don’t pause like that.’

He laughed. ‘You are my one and only, I am going to be faithful while waiting for your green light.’

‘I love you so much that I don’t want to encourage you to keep dreaming.’

‘Dreams make me happy.’

‘Go ahead Romeo.’ She chuckled.

‘I don’t know if the story I had from my friend that day was motivated by the extra can of poisonbhe took. He told me that he was frustrated; his girl was very good and had been faithful to him for two years. He knows she was expecting the next level question but he want out and didn’t know how to go about it because he enjoy male than female.’

‘Oh my!’

‘It was so freaking Rosa, I was shocked myself for I’ve known this guy for six years and never suspected.’

‘What did you do?’

‘I referred him to a counsellor because I was confused and could not afford to breed hatred.’

‘Good for you.’

‘So sweetheart, when did you say you’ll be free?’

‘It’s quite unfortunate that my P.A. is not here, I don’t know what my schedule is like.’

The caller burst into laughter.


‘I don’t know what to do with my life; I don’t know it’s worth anymore.’

‘Now don’t say Raphael. I don’t believe your situation is hopeless. She is not worthy of you Raphael, she is… Raphael…. Raphael are you there?’

‘I’m… I’m here?’

‘I want you to promise me that you won’t take your life.’

‘I don’t know…’

‘Promise me Raph, please darling, please.’

‘I promise…’

‘A promise is a debt sweetie, hang up and listen to me, will you?’

‘Yes… thanks Rosa.’

‘For the love of Christ, ladies please let’s be mindful of what we say. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be careful of what we do. We are all humans and are under the influence of the supernatural whether we like it or not. Raphael and every other person that can fit into his shoes, this is my message to you…’




Treasure came in the sitting room with a bowl containing variety of fruit.

Jewel Wellington, her twin sister was lying belly down on the rug watching a comedy show. She burst into excited gales of laughter. They were identical twins- tall, slim, fair-skinned and beautiful.

‘Comediennes are standing up real good.’ She sat and popped a slice into her mouth.

‘They are doing great Tresh and it isn’t easy with majority of the Nigerian populace stone faced.’

‘Can we blame them with the economic situation of the country and the emotional imbalance we all face no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Baby sister, it is by the grace of God we are not consumed.’

‘Yes by his special grace.’ Jewel glanced at her sister. ‘Taking about emotional imbalance, during recess today, matron Ehi came over to my office to say hi, one thing led to another. She is an adherent listener of Rosamund.’

‘Rosamund of IBz fm.’ She picked a piece of strawberry and studied it.

‘Yes, without rivals. She delivers it hot.’

‘My kind of diva; never beating about the bush. Stumble on her in Kimberly before I took my leave, I love her for sure and you will never bet she is appreciated internationally.’

“Ehi told me about a guy who called in to share his freaking experience. By the time she was through I had reasons to thank God after the way Wale left me. I felt like I had been let down on a desert with a phone having network while he had been let down to land body deep in the heart of a desert with a blind fold on.’

‘Geez Jewel! What a comparison.’


Till next week, stay safe.