“The error that God brings to my attention is error He wants to deliver me from”


BORN : 1959 in Takoradi, Ghana
EDUCATION : After passing his Common Entrance Exams, Otabil gained admission to Swedru Secondary School (SWESCO) in 1972 and completed his Ordinary Level Studies in 1977. He has been awarded honorary doctorate degrees for his work in various fields.
FAMILY LIFE : married to Joy and have 4 children.
CAREER : theologian, philanthropist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur. He is the founder of international Central Gospel Church headquartered in Accra, Ghana. In 2013 he was considered the twenty fourth most influential Ghanaian, in a poll run by ETV Ghana. In 2015, Ghanaians voted him as the “Most Influential Person in Ghana”, according to a list published by ETV Ghana. He is also the founder and Chancellor of Central University College, and CEO of Otabiland Associates, an executive and Leadership Growth Consultancy.
“You will never be successful living life comparing yourself to others. Run your own race and run at your own pace!”
“I can’t do everything in one day; what I start today, I can continue tomorrow.”
“You can turn any failure into success. You can have victory in any area of your life. I see many people who have so many problems, but everybody can be victorious in any area.”
“Paying attention to detail results in excellent performance.”
“No matter what prison you are in, nobody can imprison the power of your imagination”
“When the purpose of a thing is ignored abuse is inevitable.”
“In making choices there is the gate, the path and there is the destination”
“Leaders are leaders before they start leading”
“Your life begun in God’s mind.”
“Never compare the quantity of people around you to the quality of people around you. You can have a 1000 people around you and still get wrong advice from all of them.”
“If you look down on yourself, nobody will look up to you. God believes in you. Don’t devalue yourself.”
“The Liberator is Jesus the Son of the Living God and when you come to Him,He does not just liberate your spirit, He also liberates your mind and your thinking. He re-defines your history and puts you on a winning path. We need Jesus to liberate us because He is the connection to our true history!”

Like you all know I’m an ophthalmic nurse so I run shifts, like two Sundays in a month I spend at work and that’s where I first met Pastor Mensa on my darling station Inspiration fm, 92.3. I wept that day, the message was tagged wilderness experience and the character of study was David, until that day I didn’t know that at a point in time in the giant killer’s life, he had to act like a mad man for his life to be spared. He went through a wilderness experience.
We all go through wilderness experience by the will of God or as a result of disobedience. The message came at a time I was suffering verbal and psychological abuse, I was not sleeping well and happiness seem like an illusion.
The message was an eye opener to me and my mindset was transformed.

I shared the story of the physical abuse I suffered at the hands of my father at about 3 months ago and how I was got no contact from my parents especially my mum which shocked me more than the physical abuse.
I listened to another message from him on bitterness and I summoned to courage to bridge the gap between my father and I on Sunday, 13th of this month. Don’t worry, I didn’t move back to live with him and I’ve learnt to pray for him.
I don’t know what else to say than for you to read his books, listen to his messages and be inspired to all God has created you for.

Credit: Wikipedia