Do invite others to share in this information, let them share in their RIGHT TO SIGHT.

* Always wear eye protection when carrying out activities in which particles or fluid could enter the eye.
* Please when you see children playing with broomstick, rods, pencil, pens or any sharp object, caution or take it away from their reach immediately. VERY IMPORTANT.
I witnessed a girl of 3 years who was stabbed by her elder brother of 2 or 3 years by the kitchen knife and suffered globe rupture and lost vision to the eye. The trauma the she and family suffered was agonizing.
Also witnessed children of primary school age suffer traumatic cataract.

So please when you see children playing with broomstick, rods, pencil, pens or any sharp object, caution or take it away from their reach immediately.

When there are major injuries to the eyes that lead to:
*pain in, or behind, the eye
*spasm of the eyelids
*a continuous flow of tears from one eye
*reduced or altered vision, or even loss of sight
*blood visible in the eye, or bleeding around the eye.

You should:

– Tell the person not to roll their eye.
– Help the person to rest in the position of greatest comfort with the injured eye closed.
– If the eye injury is caused by a chemical splash, flush the eye with copious amount of water.


– Advise the person to avoid all movement of the head to prevent further eye damage.

Cover the injured eye with a clean eye pad or wound dressing.


If there is a large foreign body lodged in the eye, DO NOT attempt to remove it, but pad around the eye socket to avoid pressure.
– Advise the person to keep the uninjured eye closed if possible to reduce the risk of movement of the injured eye.

Arrange for medical care ASAP.

I appreciate feedback. Have a splendid week and take care of your eyes and if possible that of others.



  1. That story of the 3 year old girl stabbed by her elder brother made me feel so sad.

    My vision has gotten worse recently, I blame it on spending too much time poring over my computer screen. The bright light is quite harsh on the eyes.

    Thank you for sharing this. šŸ™‚


    • Out door eye glasses are perfect for anyone using digital devices in or with light. If you do have prescription glasses, you can have it tinted or coated blue-light filter.

      For the 3 year old girl, I still remember her name and family despite the fact that it’s been over a year.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Goodness! That 3 year old tale is just heart-renching. Indeed we have to be watchful as parents and guardians of young children.

    These lessons are really wonderful, especially for us 4-eyed folks. Lol. Thanks for enlightening us, Esther. We await more.


  3. The story of the thre.e year old girl is heart-breaking, I have a friend who her younger brother caused her cataract. She is yet to forgive him.
    Thanks for sharing these tips with us my beloved nurse, you are a gem


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