“A prepared childhood is better than a repaired adulthood.”

“Any lady who leaves her man with vision to follow a man with television because she’s in a hurry, will soon watch the man who has vision on her vision-less husband’s television.”



BORN : About 54 years ago.

EDUCATION : English graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

FAMILY LIFE: married to Bishop Felix Adejumo and their most blissful home is blessed with two men and two women.

CAREER : An evangelist and presides in Agape Christian Ministries. Runs an orphanage and old people home.
She has authored over 50 book titles such as “Fifty Lessons Life Taught Me“. “My Seed is Designed for the Palace“, “Mothers Summit Prayer Points” and many others.

INSPIRATION : “I can’t remember what my mother didn’t sell in her lifetime and it ranged from oranges, maize to pounded yam. I hawked so much that I still have a scar at the centre of my head to show for it. When my brother was ill, we sold all the plates in the house. So, my mother would pound cocoyam and put it in my palms (where I fed from). The reason why today I hate mushrooms (my mum plucked them from a neighbouring farm) is because we couldn’t afford meat or fish.

“We remained like that for many years but I always had it at the back of my mind that I would become great one day. I didn’t know how I would achieve it, but I knew I would be the one to help my family. I thank God that He heard my cry and that was why my father told me that I was better than seven sons,”
 I don’t eat junk food, I rarely eat unhealthy food. I exercise every morning and I jump a minimum of 100 times before I have my bath. I lead a very busy life so I must be healthy. I don’t like the gym but I have to keep fit.”

Not one to go overboard with fashion, she says, “I don’t sleep with my make-up on. At the same time, I know you are addressed the way you dress. I can’t afford to spend a fortune on fashion because I pay the school fees of many children.”

She defines marriage in her own words. “As a married woman, you are under the authority of your husband. You are not a slave, but make sure you honour, befriend him and perform your marital roles so there won’t be any crisis.

“You must understand that no matter where you go, as a married woman, you will always come back home. So, if you soil your home on your way out, you will meet it the same way you left it when you return. You have no right to export your Christianity to the outside world if you don’t put your home in order.

One thing life has taught me is to put God first and foremost. Don’t let anything take the place of God in your life. Be thankful, be grateful and worship him like you have never done before. Secondly, don’t take people for granted. Whatever anybody is not today, that person can become tomorrow. Human beings are the greatest assets in life, even though they are also the greatest liability. If you know how to manage people, they will be a blessing to you.

Don’t write off people because you don’t know the plan God has set for them. Thirdly, remain focused in life. There may be distractions but don’t listen to people that are commending you, rather, listen to people that are condemning. That way, you can remain focused. Also, there is need for husbands and wives to be close to each other. Don’t allow anybody to come between you and your family. Rather, let your detractors know that your family comes first before any other thing. It doesn’t matter whether I’m a preacher’s wife. And no matter how busy you are as a man, make sure you create time for your family.

I trust you were greatly inspired.
If you’re yet to listen to any of her messages, I implore you to do so and learn. Who has inspired you so much and you wish others can learn from them, share their names in the comment box please?
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Credit : Vanguard.