It a new month and I am so grateful to God for bringing thus far because I know the latter will be better than the former.
A splendid month of October to you!

Do you have second eyes? Lol

Do know it is important if you are using prescription glasses that they maintain their original shape? And also take proper care of them?

– Use both hands to put on and remove glasses.


– Clean your glasses regularly with a lens cleaner or warm water with a drop of detergent and then lens cloth or a soft, clean tissue not one that emit particles.
– If there is dirt, do not use lens cloth or tissue as it can cause scratches. Use your lens cleaner not vinegar, bleach, ammonia or window cleaner and leave to air dry. If you need to use immediately, use the tissue to dry.


– Ensure you clean gently to avoid distorting the glasses shape or frame.
– Do not place glasses down on a surface as this scratches it instead lay facing up.
– If you find any lose screw, tighten with a small screw driver ASAP or visit your optometrist.
– Don’t put glasses in the pocket or purse without it being in its case.
– Keep glasses on your nose and not on your head otherwise frames can be misaligned.
– Do not push the glasses with a finger to the nose piece rather use your thumb and fingers to the lenses.

Till the next post, I love you and appreciate your input.