What will I be doing when God is looking for those to use?
What is the essence of my living if God chooses those to advance his kingdom and destroy the kingdom of darkness and I am no where to be found?
What would be my excuse?
What would be so important?


Recently, I was thrown into worry and anxiety, emptiness, sleeplessness and everything attached to it.
I was drowning and every time I try to rise above, I sink deeper.
It wasn’t worth it, I eventually realized despite the fact that it was a friendship of close to 15, I backed out. It wasn’t worth the exchange.
Pun in the hands of the devil or Fox in the hand of God just like those foxes that Samson caught, united and torched to destroy the Philistines which was the purpose of his creation.

What are you still sold out to, that friendship of many years you’re so  obligated that it almost searing your sensitivity to God or is it your career or relationship or…?

Can you wholeheartedly tell Him,

Take my life and let it be
Consecrated Lord to thee
Take my moments and my days
Let them flow in ceaseless praise


It really scares me that God will be looking for those to use for his purpose and I will be nowhere to be found. There is no pleasure on earth that can equate that disaster.