How have you been? How’s the month of October going at your end? For me, I’m grateful for God’s grace and mercy.
I understand it’s been a while and sincerely hope I don’t stay away for so long again.

Those guilty feelings right?


Guilt means… and these are what individuals have to say about guilt.

I shared extensively on the causes of guilt.


There are several types of guilt. People can feel ashamed, unworthy, or embarrassed about actions for which they are responsible. In this case, we refer to true guilt — or guilt that is appropriate. However, true guilt is only one form of guilt. People can also feel guilty about events for which they are not responsible. This false guilt can be equally destructive, if not more so. Feeling guilty for events which are out of our control is often unproductive and detrimental.

Sometimes we feel guilty because we’re actually guilty!

How can we deal with Guilt?

Would you like someone else to treat you same way you’ve treated another?

What were the motives for your behavior? Analyze them, were they of right values or not? If it was a false guilt, snap out of it and move on already!

Forgive yourself for what you did or didn’t do. Nobody is perfect and We’re all aiming for perfection.

Take responsibility! If you feel compelled to apologize for something, do so as soon as possible.

Learn from the mistake if you have made one. MOVE ON, the past cannot be undone but the future can be better.

Remember that guilt impairs your ability to be honest with others and hinders one ability to learn from past experiences.

I hope we’ve all learned and I don’t mind learning more via the comment section. Till the next post, God bless you and do pray for Nigeria.