So I returned to work and was encouraged to vent.
Venting I did without silent river of tears, the tears filled my eyes and like the strong lady I am, I fought them back. I even laughed in between…
Gosh…I am not the girl I use to know!
I spoke to my younger sister and she said he had been calling my name with intention of calling her. She had to remind him that he nearly killed the person he was calling.
I threw back my head and laughed long and hard.

My mummy who all along has been telling me to endure couldn’t call to check on me since Sunday morning after telling her comprehensively about my state. The same woman who would used to call immediately her husband report me to him.
Hmmm… you and only you decide when you walk from hell to heaven which is just on the opposite side, you needn’t get traumatized as I am now. You needn’t being spanked my a pole before you do because in the end, painfully it would be You basically. Those your dearly beloved might shatter what is left of your battered heart.
God forbid your purpose is cut short.
So I’m grateful that I eventually realized painfully my father might never change irrespective of how much I endure or whatever I do and that I need to give him his space before life is snuffed out of me.

I danced a little tonight because I realized the rod could have landed on my head, abdomen, done damage to spine, etcs.
So what if I have suffered hyperactive respiratory disorder as I did two months just after the sudden abuse, what would have happened? How would I have called for help?
Before my eyes fill once more… Pray for me.