So on Saturday at about 8pm, I was abused. I suffered domestic violence. It came like a flash in pan and I’m still in shock.
The upper part of my body is scathed after baring the pain of being repeatedly hit by an antenna pole. My hands have lost their 100% function, I can barely hold a pen to write. I was referred for an X-ray. The pain that emanate from my face and scalp reminds me that they had received several blows and had to be slammed to the ground.
So I was abused by my father at age 27yrs of age because I went out by 1pm and returned by 7:30pm.
So I have been told that he is my father, I have to endure since I will need him later in life. That he did what he did out of love. I have no right as a single lady to live alone. Hmmmmm…
Recently, I concluded the story A HOLD FROM THE PAST.
A story that was inspired by a woman who killed her husband but soonest I found the story line changing to mirror some of the experiences my sibling and I suffered in the hand of a supposedly Christian father, Can you imagine after beating me black and blue, he asked that I come into the house and pray?
Just the thought alone make me want to laugh.
Everytime, my arms and back is massaged and tears fill my eyes and pain cloud my senses, I ask the question, am I suppose to forgive this?
Anyways I forgive him already.
But am I suppose to forget, the blows, pulling of my hair, slamming my head to the ground, the pain that coursed through my vein with the pole descending on my body, the insomnia I had been experiencing so much that was what made me leave the house that Saturday, the verbal, psychological and emotional abuse?
If you ask me, I will say his aim was to kill me but God knew I was yet to accomplish my purpose. I am surprised I didn’t pass out.
Am I suppose to grin from ear to ear in pretense when I see him because I am going to get married someday and I need his blessing?

I wish I could share pictures but I’ve been asked not to…
I once heard all sins are forgivable but not everything is pardonable, how true is this?