A splendid new month to you, may your joy be filled!


For TM DAVID-WEST, you are a  blessing to me in more ways than one, God bless you for believing and inspiring me so.


Lillian observed the marble tiled elevation that indicated as an earthly resting place for her Father and then lowered the bouquet of flowers.
She knelt and exhaled. “Daddy, I understand now that we are all different and that we have varied level of understanding and reaction to situations. I’m sorry I went down the path of anger and resentment. I apologize for allowing it ruin our relationship. I am sorry I didn’t honor your invitation just before you died. Please forgive me Daddy, I am very sorry.” She heaved and fought back her tears. “I forgive you for not believing in me.”
She clasped her palms before her. “Now I realize the burden was so much and I had no business bearing it alone, I was bound to crumble one way or the 0ther. Lord Jesus, I am so sorry for taking charge of my life and relegating you to the background even though I claimed to be a Christian. I am sorry that it took taking the life of another and the lost of my marriage to break free from the hold of my past. Please forgive and deliver me. Make me clean and whiter than snow. Deliver me from the spirit of aggression. Heal and make me whole.”
Few minutes later, when she rose she wasn’t surprised to see her mother standing on the balcony with tears flowing down her face. She was more overwhelmed by the peace saturated her.
Her mother smiled down at her.
Lillian returned it amidst tears.
“I love you Lillian and your daddy loved and was very proud of you. I want you to know he seek your forgiveness before he passed on.”
A gasp escaped her lips and she ran into the house to embrace her mother.

Lillian snapped her fingers, cooing alongside the song that was blasting from the ear phones. She bobbed her head not caring that her chauffeur was stealing several glances at her from the rear mirror.
She looked elegant in a beautifully designed lace gown with a matching head gear and shoes to go along side.
The occasion was Adesoji’s wedding.
At first when he asked her to accompany him to pick out an engagement ring for the lady he love, she had been disappointed but the spirit that now abode in her was quick to reassure her.
It has been over a year, Matthew was now married and she was happy he was able to find love again.
She hummed.
She didn’t really care if she did find love again; she didn’t care if she did get married again or not but if love and marriage did come she would embrace it wholeheartedly.
She wasn’t going to take for granted the second chance to live life appropriately as all she cared about was the peace she was experiencing everyday. She was glad to enjoy life, trust people and care in spite of the pros and cons.
Of course, she was grateful for her family.

The end