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Chapter eleven

Slamming the boot of her Toyota Highlander Hybrid shut, she expelled a breath and used a finger to wipe away the beads of sweat that were on her forehead.
It has been over two hours of packing her valuables and taking several trips from her matrimonial home to the car. It had been gruesome just like she had imagined and that was why she had postponed the inevitable visit severally. She had rehearsed several things to say to her ex husband but they all grew wings and flew out of her head as soon as she drove into the premises. Thankfully, Matthew wasn’t in so she had let herself in with her keys.
The house was same way she left it except that the sitting room rug had been replaced. Willing her mind blank, she had set to business.
She cried severally in between packing her things but she didn’t allow it linger beyond a minute as she hurriedly wiped her tears and chided herself.
It was over.
She heaved once more before pulling handle of the suitcase and its tyres rolled on the interlocking bricks to the back door. She opened the door, hefted and placed it on the back seat.
She froze and contemplated diving under the vehicle. It would have been an option if she had seen him before he did see her.
Her heart began to beat in succession like the wings of a trapped bird.
She heard his footsteps breached the distance between them and willed her stiff self to turn around but it defiled her.
She was scared. Scared of seeing the scar, scared of seeing the damage she had done to him and especially of the disdain she might find in his eyes.
“Hello Lillian.”
His voice was still soft but had lost its… she blinked severally as she struggled for the right adjective.
With eyes on her toes, she turned just to discover he was few feet away. She cast him a glance.
He was in white customized T-shirt on carton colored trousers and sandals.
To be sure his facial expression wasn’t a figment of her imagination. She took another glance at his smiling face. He looked angelic, though she didn’t see any scar on the neck but his emaciated form didn’t elude her.
“How have you been?”
Overwhelmed by his gesture, she knelt. “I am very sorry Matthew, please forgive me.”
“Do stand Lillian. I have no grievance against you because I now understand that it wasn’t your intention to hurt me.”
“Please forgive me for the near death experience.”
He took off his sun glasses and his eyes searched her expression. “I need you to do me a favour.”
She nodded.
“I need you to seek professional help. No one deserves to live life in the bubble of resentment and paranoia. You owe that to me and especially yourself. I need you to be an exceptional woman in all aspect.”
“I will…I am doing that.”
“Good.” He bobbed his head. “Please stand. Would you like to come in for a drink?”
He was mighty nice as always and she had let go of her golden egg. With a palm to the ground as support, she rose to her feet. “Thank you Matt. Please extend my apology to your entire family.” In a swift motion, she covered the distance between them and embraced him. “I am very sorry.” She whispered.
He didn’t return the embrace neither did he push her away.
She afterwards took his palm, opened it and placed the bunch of keys to the house. Without bothering to wipe her tears, she fled to her car.
From her side mirror, she saw him watch the car drive out with pursed lips as he normally did when he was thoughtful.

Her eyes lazily drifted to the wall clock.
It was past noon but it didn’t matter to her. It didn’t matter to her that she was suppose to be arriving back from church instead of being cuddled up in bed with a throbbing heart, weeping nose and blood- shot eyes.
It didn’t matter that she had spent the better part of night doing what many believe won’t change anything. It didn’t matter that she had serenaded herself to a troubled sleep that way.
Nothing mattered; her life came to a screeching halt after she traumatized Matthew.
She had lost her golden egg for life.
She heaved, shut her eyes and winced in pain. Her eyes hurt.
Or maybe it did come to a screeching halt long before then but she was too obsessed on her high horse to take cognizance. Pamela must had seen it and warned her.
This was worst that what her room mate had envisaged.
Being single or divorced, which was better? Which was more honorable?
How did she become so bitter? How she become so vengeful? How did she become so destructive?
She was a Christian for heaven sake! How did become so unchristian?
Her eyes fluttered open, she blinked severally and then her brows creased.
How Lillian? When? Why?
Her train of thoughts was interrupted by the customized ringtone of her phone. She reached for her phone with an intention of rejecting the call but a look at the screen changed her mind.
It was her only friend in the entire world!
“Lil, it’s not fair. You promised o and I was looking for you everywhere in church.”
“Promised?” she mumbled.
“Lillian, are you still sleeping?
“Are you okay? You sound a little…”
She remembered as she cleared her voice by coughing. “I am fine Soji. I am sorry I couldn’t make it to church.”
“You are not sounding fine. I am driving over to…”
“No no…” She sat up. “I am splendid. Go and enjoy your Sunday Soji.”
“My darling I decide how I enjoy my day. When I get to your door, don’t open up.” He chuckled and hung up.
She didn’t know if she was grateful or not for the intrusion and distraction but she knew Adesoji mustn’t get a glimpse of her in this disheveled state or he would spank her with his mouth.
Lillian cast the duvet aside and head to the bathroom.

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