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Chapter seven

At the sound of slow and soft steady clicks on the rubber sheet flooring of the corridor adjoining the intensive care unit, Eniola lifted her head from the absentminded flip of pictures in the gallery of her phone to look at the approaching figure. She saw the silent plea in her eyes even as she cast her phones and purse aside. She stood suddenly energize.
“Eniola  please…I am very sorry.” With bloodshot eyes and open palms, Lillian pleaded.
Swiftly, she covered the distance separating them, pranced on her and grabbed the collar of her purple lapel split pockets blouse, dragging her to an adjacent corridor where she knew there would be no interruptions for a while.
“Eniola, I am very sorry. I don’t know what came over…”
A back handed slap halt the rest of her words in her mouth. Lillian held her cheek and felt tears stung her eyes.
“I should have put you in your place long ago when you were dating my brother and in your five minutes madness shattered the frame picture of us in his room. I should have put you in your place when you went to his hospital and make a caricature of his person by creating a scene over a girl you conjured in your head.” Her voice was calm but her eyes were filled with anger. “I never supported his marriage to you because I knew his worth and deserved better than a …” She sized her up with eyes while thinking of the best adjective.
Lillian opened her mouth but couldn’t utter a sound.
“I knew he deserved better than a storm in a human form. I knew he deserved better than a bad news waiting to spoil…”
“Eniola I …”
A smack across her face followed suit.
Lillian cowered and tasted blood.
“Don’t you ever in your entire life utter my name you demon possessed!”
Lillian gasped with widened pupils.
She covered the distance between them and grabbed her collar once more. Two buttons fell to the ground. You think you’re the only one who can display madness abi?” She let her go and pushed her, she fell sprawled on the ground.
She pranced on her and used her fists on her. “Oya, beat me.”
Lillian struggled, pleaded but she was no match for a woman who was rightfully furious.
Minutes later, Eniola stood heaving and delivered a kick to her side. “Carry your murderous self out of his hospital before I strangle you with my bare hands.” She said snapping her fingers at quick successions.
Wincing and groaning in pains, she reached for the wall to aid her up. With a hand, she gripped her ripped blouse, picked her purse and limped clutching her abdomen. A few feet away, she halt with tears rolling down her face. “Please how is Matthew?”
Eniola removed her sandals but before she could launch it, Lillian was out of sight.
“Come and ask me again.”
She sat on her earlier seat jerking her limbs and swallowed up the stream of cuss on her lips, trying not to offend God further since her cousin was still unconscious in the intensive care unit and she had being told by his surgeon that the next 12 hours would determine if he would survive or not.
“Brothermi!” She ran into the arms of Michael, her oldest cousin.
“You are an unfortunate child!” Abiola Makinde exploded on her feet after listening to her daughter’s tearful narration. “Are you the only I bore? Why should you choose to bring me untold heartache?”
“Mummy, I am sorry.” She was on her kneels with tears streaming down her face. “I don’t know what got over me.”
“You got over yourself that’s happened to you! You felt you are now a demigoddess and there is no one else like you!” She spat out. “Is it sorry you are going to tell his family, that you slit the neck of a child that had they brought up to become a consultant ophthalmologist even before he married you? How are you going to position your mouth and tell them their son was equivalent to a fowl? Hei!” She exclaimed broken hearted clasping her palms. “Has it not ended? Is it not finished?”
Lillian clasped a palm over her mouth as she sobbed.
“Did you catch him on your matrimonial bed with another woman?” She directed her gaze back to her at an afterthought.
“No mummy.” She wiped her drooling nose with a handkerchief.
“Did he tell you he has a child or children outside marriage?” The grey haired, petite, retired headmistress inquired.
She shook her head.
“Did he transmit an incurable disease to you?”
“No ma.”
“Was he abusing you physically, sexually or in whatever form?”
She burst into tears while she shook her head.
“Or you discovered he was a cultist?” She made an excuse for her once more.
“Matthew didn’t do anything to me.”
“Four months in marriage and you become a murderer! Hei! I am done for!” She raised her hands and dropped it hysterically. “Did I not tell you to come down from this your high horse? Did your elder ones not speak to you before marriage and shared their experiences? Did I not offer to take you for deliverance before this your temper tantrums put you into trouble? But you felt you’ve gone to West Lafayette, Indiana to study aeronautical engineering in one of the best schools in the world so there was no else like you!”
“Mummy it is not…” The rest of her statement died in her mouth as her mother removed the two inches half-shoe she had on and hurled it at her.
“I am so… sorry. Please mummy.” Whatever bodily pain she got was her fault and she bore it.
She dropped the shoe. “I didn’t kill my parents neither did I kill my husband. God forbid I’ll be the one to kill you. Thankfully, you’re not my only child. Since you started something without consulting me, without thinking of the consequence of your actions neither did you regard your creator. Get up and leave my house!”
Lillian gasped. “Mummy please…please.” She opened her palms before her. “I have no where to go to.”
“I cannot accommodate you before your father start hunting me in my dream.” She gestured to the door and tears brim her eyes.
Lillian made to grab her feet but she evaded her.
“Leave before I call people to throw you out.” Abiola said firmly before hurrying for her bedroom.