Chapter six

Another set of tears rolled down her cheeks, washing tear-streaked face and wetting the collar of her loosely fitted blouse. Eniola stood, paced the quiet corridor adjoining the theatre and rubbed her clammy palms on the three- quarter jeans trousers.
It has been four hours and still counting that her older cousin had been in surgery and it was driving her nuts.
What was the world turning into? Few weeks back, it was Chichi, her dear friend and now it was her favorite cousin. She shook her head acknowledging the fact that was she was experiencing was a tip of an iceberg compared to the various bizarre happenings surrounding marriage all over the world.
She bit her lower lips as chills ran through her spine. She didn’t know she had possessed so much strength until she had met him lying on the ground with a thread-like pulse and the rug beneath him turned red. She had practically carried him to her car as there was no one around to assist.
She had been able to see through the expression on all of their faces as they wheeled him into the theatre.
“Lord Jesus please…” She mumbled. “Please… I don’t know how you will do it Baba.” She knelt and raised her hands towards heaven. “Please bring him back, for the sake of his selflessness, unwillingness to hurt his wife in spite of how much she spited him.” She heaved and tears rolled down her face. “I understand our righteousness is as filthy rags before you. If you can do this for me, I will surrender my entirety to you and never look back. Lord Jesus please…” Her voice trailed off as she sobbed.
She was at Allen Avenue returning from work when she got his call, when he didn’t respond to her calls afterwards, she instantly knew something was amiss. Doing her best to arrive his home as fast as she could while saying all the prayers she could manage and trying not to shudder at the thought of the word “stab” as he had mentioned it twice.
Her multicolored straight cut gown had been soiled in blood, a nurse had to coax her to take a shower and provided a change of cloth after she had provided history and signed the necessary forms. She had mustered courage to call Michael, Matthew’s oldest brother to inform him situation.
“That was a very stupid thing to do!” Adesoji Williams glared at her incredibly. “How could you Lillian?”
“I didn’t know what to do, I was scared and panicked.” She lowered her tears-filled eyes. She was seated on the rug, her legs before her.
He shook his head. “He might have chances of surviving but by fleeing…” He needn’t complete his statement. “What did he do to you?”
“I don’t know… nothing. He didn’t offend me… he didn’t do anything to me.” She burst into tears because it dawned on her that it was the truth even though she had answered impulsively.
“Hmmm…” He glanced at her. “Stand, we are going back to Ikeja.”
She jumped to her feet.
“We will go in your car.” He began to turn off all electrical appliances in his two bedrooms flat.
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