I glared at the doctor stunned. He couldn’t be serious not after the list of clinical features I had presented with. I had resolved to go to the hospital that morning just after night duty because I felt awful, lethargy, headache, lost of appetite, etcs
“Madam, not significant. Nothing significant was found.”
Then his attention was needed and he stepped out. I drew the result close and gave it a scrutinizing look.
Indeed, I was fine!
For the first time ever, I had walked to the hospital and no diagnosis could be attached to my name.
” Madam.” He beamed. “I just think you really need to have a good dose of sleep and eat well. I’ll just write down a sedative.”


But I was quick to protest as it suddenly dawned on me that God must be shaking his head and smiling down at me.
For a while before my birthday on may 17th and after. I had told God I was tired of having to swallow drugs every month, tired of spending my money so and feeling all sick.
So I decided NO MORE.
Not even when the last hair I did was painful and I was tempted to take analgesic.
Not when my period came I was feeling so many things at the same time.
So God gave me a physical confirmation of the NO MORE Pact with a pat that must mean,
darling girl, you should have faith, a faith that doesn’t wobble.
Please join me in thanksgiving for his deliverance, faithfulness and love.
Have a wow week and may God meet you at the point of your needs my darlings!



  1. Get well soon dear and please do take enough rest. I used to call my mom a chemist because there is no kind of drugs she does have. I hated so bad on how she depended so much on this drugs in every slight illness. I understand the fact that she used to battle with some illnesses and she really needed those drugs. I made a vow to God never to depend on any drugs no matter what. I remember having severe cough and alot of people kept recommending a lot of drugs for me but I told them that the cough will go back when it is tired so let it be (I can be stubborn like that 😁). It’s good to take drugs but it becomes a problem when we invest a lot of money on drugs and we cant live without these drugs. I wonder how our forefathers lived so long when there was nothing like drugs but they did. This drugs can never give you the total healing that you need but God can. It can only relive the pain but it never takes the pain away totally. Happy Sunday

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    • My dear darling, I appreciate your hearty expression. People do battle with terrible illness. Some have to depend on it for the rest of their lives. In cases like that, it does appear as though God doesn’t make sense.

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  2. This is what I like to hear. Private deals with God & answered prayers. Testimony time. Congratulations in advance. Medicine everyday is not something I advise anyone to be dependent on.


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