Chapter three

In skin colour, Lillian was ebony black, six feet tall with average facial features but a curvaceous body most women would kill for. At 31 years of age, she had a career that was the envy of both men and women alike. In a crisp white, sleeveless, belted fit and flare dress with legs in burgundy, blue and tan strappy upper and leopard print covered back four inches heels shoes her husband had given for her birthday a couple of months back, Lillian gaze absentmindedly from the window of her office providing view of the hanger where a military plane was been serviced with her well manicured finger drumming on the glass plane.
The phone in her hand vibrated and she hurriedly with optimism looked at the screen. It was a call from her network provider and it took all her will power not to smash the phone in a fit of anger.
Matthew had refused to pick the calls she had spent the better part of her time off appointments making. They had not seen eye to eye since the incident of the night before.
She drummed her manicured fingers on the glass momentarily. It had been a fact, her source was reliable and her husband had not denied that he had been at Classic hotel. He had no right to be angry at her reaction and if he wanted to stew in his juice to make her feel guilty over nothing, it was his call.
Lillian hissed as she walked back gracefully to the brown high back swivel chair, settled in and opened the file to the unpublished manuscript of the brochure a private aero company had sent for her expert review.
She was going to play a puppet wife to no man, not at this level of her life; a level that men in her profession envied.
She had risen in a male-dominated profession via hard work, discipline, perseverance and resilient. Though the road had not been rosy but she lived for challenges and had always proved herself and disappointed awfully those who had discouraged or didn’t believe in her.
No. she shook her head. Matthew wasn’t going to take her down that emotional path of weakness and poor decision, she decided as she picked a black pen and uncapped it.

“What is the meaning of this?” Matthew said with obvious irritation as he looked through the patient’s folder. “Is it too difficult for instructions to be carried out around here now?”
“I told her o.” The patient with eyes shielded with dark glasses said.
He pressed a button on the table and in his irritation pressed it a second time in spite the knowledge that a tap on the button was all he needed to get the necessary attention.
In less than a minute, a nurse knocked and entered the consulting room.
“Nurse Adanma, were you the one that the repeated the visual acuity of this patient?”
“So why didn’t you carry out every of my instructions Nurse emm… Ada?”
She looked momentarily confused.
“I told you that doctor said you should put the eye drop.” The patient interjected.
“Doctor, all I saw on the folder was that his visual acuity should be repeated. I can’t dilate his eyes when it is not indicated.”
He could have argued with her knowing he was unlikely to make that type of error instead he looked away from her to the folder and flipped it backward to where the consultation for the day started. His error locked gaze with him.
“Mr. Alex, could you please excuse us?” He told his patient without looking up. “Nurse Adanma, I’m terribly sorry.” He told her when the door closed.
“I understand Doctor.” She smiled. “I know you to be meticulous so whatever the issue may be, take care of it fast.”
He nodded and wrote down the instruction he had skipped before handing her the folder.
“Should I send in the next patient?”
“No, I need a moment. I’m sorry.” He repeated.
She nodded with a smile and head out.
He picked his smart phone that had been on silent mode just to see twenty missed calls, sixteen of which were from his sweetheart.
He huffed and massaged his forehead.
He had retired to the guest room the night before with clothes and everything he needed for work. She had been in the shower when he left for work without touching the meal he knew was meant for him on the dining table.
He was tired of communicating to her about how much she hurt him every time she became paranoid and accused him falsely. She shattered things and replaced them as soon as possible but did nothing to replace the holes in his heart which was now taking a toll on him.
Like the day before when she had accused him of infidelity. He had gotten an emergency call from one of his patient, the owner of the hotel and had decided go see him. Which man would explain that to a wife who had apparently drawn her conclusions? It was even painful to explain and get unbelief in return. He scrolled through his contacts deciding to let her be for a while as he dialed his cousin’s number.

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