As I listened to one of my mentors and best OAPs on I fm last night, Dr Yolanda David George,  I drew strength.
It was the uplift I needed have fallen flat on my face, constantly felt empty, having some of the signs of depression yet unable to pray.
It is easy to compare yourself when you’re the egg under the wings of the hen feeling all the heat.


You want to compare yourself to those eggs that have been sold by the farmer and are displayed in one super market in the best of places or the other in fancy egg case or in a refrigerator.


It easy to compare yourself with others who go a whole year without  needing to swallow a pill, who have everything at the their beck and call, marry early, have the perfect family, get the best Jobs, travel here and there and then you groan inwardly when you see their pics because you don’t even know what the inside of an airplane look like, the list could be annoying endless.
Allow yourself be that egg in the incubator;under the wings of the hen(creator) covered by every of its feathers because after all the heat,  when you crack, it will be from inside and you come out a beautiful chicken


but if you can’t endure all the heat and eventually crack from outside, you’re shattered never to be made whole again.


I hope this analogy touched you as it did touch me. Have a swell week!



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