And God did it… Again.

I promised Him that when He did it, I’ll share my testimony.
With my ophthalmic nursing program concluded, I arrived Lagos in December expectantly. The routine of submitting CVs and expecting feedback commenced.
Disappointment set in when the phone didn’t ring, no emails nor text messages.
I decreed and declared into the new year. In January, I was invited for an interview. The head of the panel after a stream of questions asked,
“What church do you attend?”
“Hmmm… I know you people, you like to attend church a lot. I’ll to let you know that you won’t be having time for that here. You’ll be resuming by 6:30am with no closing time and working Monday to Sunday and alternate off days… ”
Somewhere as she talking I switched off and despite how desperate I was, I couldn’t bring myself to willingly go into captivity. What kind of work will I be doing and I won’t have time for God?
So when I was called to pick my employment letter, I defiled it.
I went back to my submitting CVS routine.
I was frustrated especially because most of my mates were working. I was bored of staying at home. I had to squelched the feeling that I made a mistake by rejecting the employment offer.
Early February, I was in another interview and I was very optimistic it was it.
I stopped job hunting and waited to no avail. I prayed, fasted, sang, dance and all but it was like God didn’t have my time or so I taught.
On the 16th, over a month after I received a call and on the 18th and tendered my signature to my employment letter in one of the best eye hospital in Africa with international standard in quality and quantity.
Yes, I’m not mincing words. Imagine patients coming all the way from India for surgery.
The pay is reasonable, the experience is exhilarating and the staff accommodating.


The result from my school is out and all of us passed. A whooping 100%!
I’m grateful for God for he wanted me to wait for a purpose.
While I was waiting, I got a dynamic and beautiful Mentor and Friend. I polished my writing skills, wrote some works within a short space and got so many inspiration.
I learnt to build my faith and relationship with God.
I learnt who my true friends are.
I eventually had peace from my family struggles.


I am grateful for the wait and just in case, you’re trusting God for a spectacular miracle, God is never late. At the right time, He will bless you with jaw dropping testimony(ies).
The secret – don’t loose hope.



  1. I smiled so hard reading this. If you had taken that first job, you wouldn’t have encountered your testimony. I’m happy for you and I hope that you learn and earn a lot.


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