Hello blog family, how have you been? This post is a concluding sequel to the topic loneliness.
I’ll start with the difference between being lonely and being alone.


Being lonely is about the emotions, commonly sadness and fear, that are associated with being alone.
Being alone means not having anyone else in the same space with you.

First things first…
*Recognize that loneliness is a common human experience that can be changed.
*Identify your needs, whether friendships or social activities, and make an effort to meet them.
*Discover what may be contributing to your loneliness. Are you living in a new place where you don’t know anyone, have you experienced a recent loss or major life transition, or are you not feeling secure with the people you spend time with?
*Avoid things that could perpetuate loneliness, including isolating yourself from others or evaluating yourself in negative terms.

1. Figure out where you can find some good friends.
2. Think about ways you can be of service to others in need. By finding a way to help others, your own emotional needs will often be met, and it will help you to cure loneliness in a big way.
3. Research suggests that the happiest people are those who are outgoing and optimistic types who go out and make good things happen, rather than waiting for good things to come to them.
4. Discover and practice what makes you happy.


5. Ask a good friend or trusted ally to help you cure your loneliness. Talk to your pastor, priest, or other spiritual leader, speak to a professional counselor or coach, and take their suggestions seriously.
There is no healing or cure for loneliness that be perfect like that comes from above. Take it to the Lord in prayer.
I wish you a joyous life. Wish to send me an email,
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