I’m learning day by day to be better, better in my chosen in my career, better in my health, better in leaving the lives I come across better than I found them, better in my talent and most importantly fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. I’m still here though with once in a blue

moon posts due to my program. It will get better soon.
Hope you’re learning to be better and more than ever living to die empty.


I’m in Kaduna presently, National Eye Center precisely as a partial fulfillment to my calling as an Ophthalmic nurse. I’m sharing this story to upgrade our faith frequency in God.

Few years ago, due to the crisis in the North, ophthalmic students from my school were discontinued from coming to the National authority in eye health management instead they went to a private Institute. My set protested calmly and prayerfully because we were bound to get more knowledge, skills and experience up north.
Our request was granted eventually but we had to sign an undertaking that whatever happened, it was solely our responsibility.

We were afraid, most of us have never been to the north and the media didn’t help matters but we praised, prayed and declared what we wanted individually and as a set.

Imagine going to a strange land with a driver and an assistant that didn’t know the exact destination and there was no single person on the bus that understood the language. That was what happened, we missed our way a couple of times and at a point in time I could only mutter prayers as I became overwhelmed with goosebumps.


We arrived and then settled. Our host was happy to have us.
*chuckles* After five days of our stay,  the hospital went on strike.

Panicked surged through us and the feeble complained having reached their breaking point when the power supply and water stopped for over 24 hours.

“God you didn’t bring me this far to leave me alone, Lord you’re aware of my coming and I know everything that happens is for my good and on and on.” I chanted, worshipped and praised.

At last it was called off after four days and the ophthalmic experience is on.




No matter what you are going through, he is aware and it shall end in testimony. Do put on your patience cap, He is God of the valley and the mountain, our hope against Hope.

Thanks Maama Pretty, you nudged me of my responsibilities here.

Have a wonderful week you all and by the way what’s your visual acuity?