Seriously I want to mention all the names of those who had wished me well on this special day but  emmm… I’ll mention Mr Steve Okoh,  you called me a couple of minutes into my day. Idey you surprised me by calling me soon after, you didn’t allow the distance of the Atlantic Ocean in between to stop you. Casmir, you wished me a happy birthday severally before the D-day. Special gratitude to my deardarling, Vincent for ensuring I celebrate even when I didn’t want to. I hail Ophthalmic nurses UNTH and Post basic nursing male students…I care, You care, We care and indeed I felt doses of it that could last a lifetime.


To my exceptional mum for her prayers this morning, my Peter, Ruth and Christabel, you’re the best. Of cause Christabel, my darling baby sister, I can’t help but keep smiling at your response when I wish you a happy birthday “you said – same I wish you.”

Happy birthday Christabel Ugbaja! Today na your day, do shakara.

Blessing Amaechi, thank you for your call, I almost felt I don’t deserve it.

Hmmm… Osahon and Adeleke Soji you’re my latest well wishers as at time of the post.
Daddy, I’m still expecting your call though and it’s all good. You’re still paramount to me.

Some persons are still yet to celebrate with me,  I am inclined to mention names but no… After all God the Father, Son and Holy ghost are celebrating with me and have assured me that my life is graven upon the palm of his hand and my wall is continually before him.
He said I should arise,  shine for his light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon me.
Dr Raphael James,  thank you.
All wellwishers on Facebook, whatsapp, via messages, calls and face to face, you made my day significant more like a celebrity thingy.
Thanks Vincent for the brand new phone. I really appreciate all other gifts I received.

May God continually give us cause to rejoice.
I trust this marks the beginning of the best days of my and by this year, God willing it’s gonna be… dash dash and joy.