Hi blog family, how are you and your family? My deepest apology for abandoning the family and *puppy face* I hope you’ve not abandoned me.
I’m back to talk on the word FAITH as a sequel on royal ponderings and I dare ask, how faithful are you? On an after thought, what would you describe as faith?

Join me, let learn together and build up our lives and that of others. Please share your thoughts afterwards.

A poet described faith thus:

Courage is the eye of faith.
Love is the heart of faith.
Truth is the head of faith.
God is the soul of faith

Faith is a trust or confidence in the intentions or abilities of a person, object, or ideal.

A feeling, conviction, or belief that something is true or real, without having evidence.

That said I’ll love to share some quotes:

Faith is taking the first step even
when you don’t see the whole
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hope you’ve taken the necessary first step in your life and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Faith is to believe what you do not
see; the reward of this faith is to see
what you believe.
Saint Augustine


Faith in a mind thing.

He hit the nail on the head.

Faithless is he that says
farewell when the road
J.R.R. Tolkien , The Fellowship
of the Ring.

How much farewell have you said when the road is not yet ended?

I think if I’ve learned anything
about friendship, it’s to hang
in, stay connected, fight for
them, and let them fight for
you. Don’t walk away, don’t
be distracted, don’t be too
busy or tired, don’t take them
for granted. Friends are part
of the glue that holds life and
faith together. Powerful stuff.
Jon Katz

For me, I found the relationship between faith, great friendship and love in the quote above. How about you?

All the world is made of faith,
and trust, and pixie dust.
J.M. Barrie , Peter Pan

I agree hook, line and sinker.

Faith is not the belief that God
will do what you want. It is
the belief that God will do
what is right.
Max Lucado, He Still Moves

That’s right!

On that note, I’ll see you next time to talk more on faith. Feel free to share and don’t forget to leave a comment. Thank you.

Please what do you think is a better symbol to represent faith?

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