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I hope you’ve not forgotten all we learnt on happiness because I am about to  pull up the ribbon into a knot. I’ll like you to join me.


Secrets of happiness continued:

7. Good health
The mind and body are intrinsically
connected, so taking care of yourself both
above and below the neck makes for head-to-
toe happiness. “One of my favorite quotes is
from a famous 1920s physician who said,
‘Health is the optimal condition that allows
for the ultimate engagement in life,’” says
Baker. “What he’s saying is that health doesn’t
necessarily mean being fit, but being able to
live fully.”
The easiest way to achieve this optimal state
of being: Get moving. Regular activity — be it
walking, dancing, or playing Frisbee with your
dog — releases endorphins (the substances
responsible for a runner’s high) and increases
levels of the feel-good brain chemical
serotonin. Best of all, just 10 minutes of
exercise is all it takes to produce the mood-
boosting brain changes, according to
Northern Arizona University researchers

8. Spirituality
People who tap into their spiritual side have
greater life satisfaction than those who don’t,
according to a growing body of research. It
reminds us that life may have bigger meaning
beyond our knowing, explains Niven, so we
don’t dwell so much on the little things.
Research also reveals that religion can have a
positive effect on both physical and mental
health: People who regularly pray or attend
religious services are less likely to suffer from
hypertension, anxiety disorders, and
depression, according to experts at Duke
University’s Center for Spirituality, Theology
and Health. Any soulful act, including
meditation, walking in the woods, reading an
inspiring book, or listening to a moving piece
of music, can help you dial into the bigger
picture, assures Baker.

9. Altruism
Giving without expectation is one of the
easiest ways to feel good about yourself, your
world, and life in general: “Altruism connects
you to others, gives you a purpose, and gets
you outside yourself,” says Baker. Having a
positive impact on somebody else’s life
generates feelings of goodwill that help
minimize whatever negativity might be
occurring in your own life.

10. Perspective
Happy people mentally frame life experiences
so that the good features prominently in the
forefront, while the bad is that fuzzy, out-of-
focus backdrop. For example, one study at the
University of Georgia found that happy
workers who’d just been promoted were
ecstatic about the new opportunity, whereas
unhappy employees dreaded the additional
work that came with the bigger title.
To adopt a positive viewpoint, Niven suggests
comparing a seemingly bad situation to the
worst-case scenario. For instance, getting up
at 5 a.m. for work isn’t fun, but would you
rather wake up later for a job you hate — or
worse, no job at all? “If you measure your
current happiness against the greatest
moments in your life, you might be
disappointed because those moments are hard
to beat,” Niven explains. “But if you measure
today’s satisfaction against some of your
tougher days, you have all the reason in the
world to appreciate your life right now

11. Humor
“Finding humor in a bad situation is a shift in
perception that gives people the guts to push
forward even when things look grim,” says
Baker. Laughter also causes physiologic
changes in the body that make you feel good:
When something tickles your funny bone, you
experience a spike in feel-good hormones like
serotonin and dopamine, while levels of the
stress hormone cortisol drop. Make an effort
to experience some funny stuff each day,
whether it’s by reading the comics in the
newspaper or tuning in to your favorite talk
show host at night. One genuine laugh a day
is all you need to lighten up about life, says

12. Purpose
Having a reason to bound out of bed every
morning is one of the most sustaining sources
of happiness because it gives you something
positive to focus your life on. Some find
purpose in being a phenomenal mother and
wife. Others find it in teaching and inspiring
kids, or mentoring junior colleagues at work.
“If you’re not sure what your purpose is, then
your purpose is to find a passion,” says Baker.
Start by engaging in small activities that light
up your day and give you a sense of truly
being you. For instance, sign up for an acting
workshop if you have a burning desire to be
on the stage. Joining a social group like a book club could
open doors to new experiences and
relationships that reveal your true path. And
once you’ve discovered your passion, practice
it daily. “When what you do with your daily
life really talks to your heart, you’ll be truly
happy,” says Baker.

That said, have a happiness-filled 2015!

Credit: webMD