Hi dearies, how have you been and your week? Most importantly, have you been happy?
Like everything important in this life, happiness has to be tendered and nurtured.
This is a follow up to what I have shared on-  h-a-p-p-y, happiness and because am happy. Do well to read them if you haven’t. I decided to dig deep to find out some proven secrets of happiness.


Here we go:

1. Optimism
Embracing all of your life experiences — even
the really painful ones — with the knowledge
that something good inevitably will come out
of them is what optimism is all about. “It
helps minimize fears about the future that
could otherwise become debilitating, allowing
you to move past them more quickly and
ultimately lead a more carefree life,” says
Baker. Case in point: A classic study from the
University of Massachusetts found that
accident victims who had become suddenly
paralyzed were more hopeful about the future
than lottery winners.
The reason: The tragedy allowed them to see
that most of the stuff that gets us down isn’t
really worth fretting over.

2. Love
Having a sense of compassion for the people in your life and knowing
that you’re cared for in return is one of the biggest predictors of
happiness, says Baker. Whether it’s the thrill of romantic love or
nurturing parental love, feelings of companionship provide a
comforting sense of belonging that enhances overall life satisfaction.
One of the most well-documented ways to increase the love in your
life: share quality time with others.
“Feeling isolated makes it easy to succumb to negative feelings like
self-doubt and insecurity,” explains David Niven, Ph.D., author of The
100 Simple Secrets of Happy People. “But spending time with loved
ones strengthens the human connections that silence those self-
defeating thoughts and improve mood.”

3. Courage
Being courageous means acting in accordance
with your personal values, an empowering
practice that enhances your sense of self. “If
you behave contrary to what you believe, you
go to war with yourself,” warns Baker. But
stand up for what’s important to you, and the
pride you feel will increase personal
For the majority of women, this means curing
the “disease to please” and speaking up even
when you risk causing a stir, such as saying
no to a neighbor who’s always asking for a
favor. When your life is in line with your
sense of right and wrong, you avoid falling
victim to happiness-sapping self-doubt.

4. Sense of choice
Research has found that people who describe
themselves as “autonomous” and “self-
governing” are up to three times more likely
to be satisfied with their lives. These
individuals know they have the power to opt
out when a situation no longer suits them,
Niven explains, so when things get bad, they
make the active choice to change matters.
An easy (and enjoyable!) way to practice your
power of choice is to indulge in your favorite
pastimes whenever possible.

5. Proactivity
The happiest people are always on the hunt
for new experiences thanks to a natural zest
for life. To fire up your inner passion, Baker
recommends setting a goal of making one
mistake every single day. This encourages you
to try new experiences you might otherwise
have avoided out of fear of failure (like
testing out the freaky-looking weight
contraption at the gym!). Plus, exercising your
curiosity in this manner is proven to promote
happiness: Neurology researchers have found
that diving into a fresh experience triggers the
production of dopamine, one of the body’s
“feel-good” chemicals.

6. Security
True security means feeling good about your current place in life. It’s
recognizing that becoming rich or the most popular party host on the
block will only get you a bigger, more crowded house. It won’t change
you, and that’s a good thing. “Happy people simply like who they are,”
says Baker. “They’re not slaves to popularity or financial status.”
Security also stems from the knowledge that who you are today is the
culmination of all the little moments in your history that can never be
taken away from you. Your family history, your education, shared
experiences with loyal friends — none of these things can be whisked
away by the whims of fate, a fact that instills a sense of grounding and
inner peace. So whenever you’re feeling off-kilter, Niven recommends
conjuring one of those self-defining moments (accepting your diploma,
say, or listening to your best friend’s toast at your wedding). Mentally
reliving these formative experiences will help you keep your footing in
the rockiest of situations.

Still have more to share but that will be next time. Hope this post was a revolutionary read, let me know via the comment box, thank you and have a fabulous rest of the week.

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