I know some folk tales have made me cried and inspired me talk more of sharing life experiences. I’m a lover of good stories because it contains insights and triggers emotion.

Barely three weeks ago, a lady was seated across me in my hostel and shared a story that has not left my mind till date.
She is colleague with me in the post graduate course I’m studying  but unlike me, she came with her baby girl about four months old. For the first couple of weeks of the program, her husband’s younger sister was there to assist her when she was away for lectures afterwards, she had to go back to school. Another of her husband’s relative who had promised she’ll come to assist her was no where to be found.
Just like that she met one of the security personels in charge of the hostels, someone she knew far back, a mother whom after she approached offered to assist her so selflessly. Since I was a singingGee to her baby when I asked, she didn’t hesitate to tell me that she delivered a couple of weeks after she wrote the exams and started praying that God would raise helpers for her sake.
“Essie,” She said. “That woman is an answer to the prayer I prayed long ago.”

So what did you learn from the story?

I reflected back to my 2014, and I realised that if I had prayed a little more and walked a little closer with God, I wouldn’t have  suffered some of the aches.
So I decided, I will pray this year more than I ever did before. And I know you need to too.

Along the line, the devil being who he is might pose things so that we might get carried away. That is why I want us to have a prayer cycle every Friday.


We submit our prayer requests, I will pray and you’ll pray for us.

Don’t get to the middle of a highway before deciding to look left, right and then left.