It was terrible for me in almost all aspect of my life.
I fell so hard that I thought I’ll die from its intensity.
I hurt so badly that I thought I’ll die from pain.
I suffered Anorexia under the umbrella of depression.

God didn’t give up on me.
And then it got better.
He healed me.
Gave me admission.
Gave me better friends.
Gave me better inspiration for my blog.

Thank God for life.

So goodbye





I trust it will be filled with God’s grace and blessing.

I appreciate all members of my blog, you are therapy to me.



  1. I believe 2015 can be so, so much better than 2014 and all previous years but it starts with us. Isn’t it popolarly said that ‘if you say you CAN, you WILL?’ Faith is foundation of our abilities. We need the ‘can do’ spirit, so we can reap the ‘will do’ results, lol.

    Happy New Year, exceptionalstar


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