Absolute power corrupt isn’t it? Here is a woman who didn’t allow that saying get fulfilled in her life. She was silent yet her voice was loud, she was only seen by a few yet she was rever by all even in death.
An epitome of a virtuous woman.



BORN: January 7, 1952.

DIED: April 11, 2009.

EDUCATION: Baptist Primary School, Surulere.
New Era Girls
Secondary School, all in Lagos. Federal College of Education,
Akoka, Lagos, where she studied in the field of
Business and Secretarial Studies.

MARRIED: September 13, 1980 to
Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi and the
marriage was blessed with two sons.


OCCUPATION: Teacher, Chorister, missionary, writer, counsellor, etcetera

INSPIRATION: She was born into an Islamic family, little wonder her conversion in 1972 came with an avalanche of opposition and persecution.
She held firmly to the blessed Saviour who saw her through it all.
She became one of the fifteen members of the Bible study group that metamorphosed to Deeper Christian Life Ministry and birth Deeper Life Bible Church.
Long before she married W. F. Kumuyi, she stood out among other single sisters. In the early stage of the ministry, she took it upon herself to transcribe the pastor’s messages for use as tracts and books, and the ministry’s cassettes were manually labeled by her because of her good handwriting. She also pioneered the first choir of the Monday Bible study.
She was an adorable wife, mother amongst others.

She spear-headed the establishment of Christian women mirror magazine in October of 1992, and was the editor until her demise in 2009. She used the magazine to teach women all they need to know in order to be successful wives and mothers, accomplished and exemplary Christians, and models of excellence. She devoted her time, energy, resources, and talents to the publication and distribution of the magazine. With the support of a team of highly- dedicated and well-motivated staff, she successfully reached out to a growing number of readers within and outside of Nigeria.

The magazine is actually a must for every godly home.

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CREDIT: Dictionary of African Christian Biography.