NAME: Charles Bruce Chukwuma. Popular called Chaz B by his radio audience.

AGE: mid fifties.

BACKGROUND: hails from Delta State, Nigeria.

EDUCATION: ex-student of Kings College, Lagos, he holds an Advanced Business Management Certificate from North Technical Education Centre in Florida and an Associate of Science Degree in Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management from Miami Dade Community College (North), Florida, USA.

ACCOMPLISHMENT/OCCUPATION: With over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Management Industry of the United States of America, Chaz B consults on management turn around in the hotel and entertainment sectors in Nigeria.

Chaz B’s hallmark show is”SHARING LIFE ISSUES WITH CHAZ B”, which earned him the prestigious Nigeria Media Merit Awards for 2010 as the best On Air Personality in Radio and the show is rated the number one show across the city of Lagos.

OAP on Rhythm fm until his demise.

INSPIRATION: It was shocker to learn of his death on the 22nd of November, 2014. In a flash I went down memory lane,
I remember the soothing, mesmerizing laced with patience voice, a perfect combo of a clergy man and counselor.
I remember meeting him first via his voice on Inspiration fm, 92.3fm at a time I was waiting to get admission to college.
I remember I was working for my dad as a secretary and the frequency of the radio station im the area was so poor that I had tie a wire to the antenna of my small radio for a clearer reception.
Being a quite imaginative person, I was awed that people could going through so much and much more awed by the realistic answers and advises he gave rooted in the Supreme being, God.

I learnt, learnt and learnt in so much that my mind set changed. Some of the books I’ve written have a touch of what have learnt via his radio show.

Little wonder I lamented when I had to leave Lagos for Abia State to study Nursing back then.

He taught me so much about RELETIONSHIPS!

Didn’t know he was so good looking until yesterday.
Didn’t know he underwent a prolonged battle with kidney disease until yesterday.
Didn’t even have a clue I’ll be featuring him on the maiden edition of THE INSPIRATOR when it was laid in my spirit on Friday /Saturday to start a new category on this blog with the purpose to inspire we all through the lives of others living and departed.
And to think it was days he paid tribute to his friend Myles Munroe, Hmmm…

MARRIED with children.

He gave and gave even kidney disease didn’t stop him. So many can testify to that.

“Do Not Marry the One Whom You Think You Love, Marry the One Who You Know Loves You”
                            -Chaz B


The baton has been handed to us who are living, what is your inspiration and how’re you going about it?

Credit: Rhythm.