Oh Lord, my God, Jeeeeeesuus
I’ll speak of you Glory,
I will show forth your beauty
If I dance it wont be enough,
If I shout it wont be enough

With outstretched arms, I swayed from side to side with my ear phones plugged in my ear as I sang Joe praize’s mighty God.

The past few weeks has been challenging. It left me sober, reflective and more often than not, deep in thought.

A very good friend of mine, more like a sister lost her husband of few months. He adopted me as a friend and never hesitate to seek my welfare.

Little wonder when I heard the news of the Barrister death, I wanted to hurl my myself to the ground, scream, shriek, cry and question God, for crying out loud, it was barely five months of marital and she was pregnant!

Lost for words to console, I could only cry and ask that God take charge of her, shield her and the  unborn baby.

You are God alone, from before time began
You were on Your throne, You are God alone.
And right now, in the good times and bad
You are on Your throne, You are God

William McDowell’s You’re God alone found me and uplift my faith in God.

Resignation letter tendered for upgrade in education, suddenly an uproar began.

It started from false accusation from my MD and then my Chief matron followed suit.

After talking me down, the MD had me transferred.

Initially I was pained, leaving my comfort zone and familiar route to work.

Why should this come up when I was about leaving after working for many months, in fact, the longest compared to those before.

Somehow, I tried not to get discouraged.

1. I sang hymns and songs that were uplifting.

2. I prayed. I chanted prayers and claimed the promises of God even in the course of my daily activities.

3. I read my Bible and drew strength from it.

4. I did things that made me happy since I was formally prone to depression.

5. I laughed harder and longer than usual.

6. I gave no room for idleness or idle thoughts.

7. I talked to a couple friends who had standing relationship with God. God bless Jude Martins Okolo, he never gets tired of telling me “don’t you know you’re a daughter of Zion.”


My chief said to me, are you sure you’re actually going back to school. The MD send me to ask you if you’re actually going back to school, said so many had recommended me from company clinic he transferred to me, to the hospital and he would like to retain me with better working conditions.

Guess what I did, I laughed long and hard and then, I said -Ma, I will bring my admission letter by morrow to show you.

– Esther, no matter is been said to you, you’re just remain calm and smiling, it’s like I shouldn’t let you go.

Guess what I did, I laughed long and hard and then said, thank you very much ma.

Anytime she is on duty, she asked that I follow her in her car, she gladly shows me this and that place like she knows I would be driving my car soon.

Hope you just said Amen.

When I alight from the car, I just have to board a bus of fifty Naira to my home.

Just on Friday, she told me if she had a son that was old enough, that she know my parent house irrespective of the tribal difference.

Guess what I did, I bet you


already know! hehehehe…lol.

Whatever you’re going through or people are putting through, be it ache or emotional trauma, it brings you closer to your success.


This is a testimony in progress and as it goes, I’m obligated to update and encourage others going through similar situations.