‘Please honeymu talk to me, tell what have I done to deserve this kind of treatment?’ Ezinne Ezeugo knelt beside her husband with both of her palms opened before her.

‘Your appointment with the consultant was today, what did he say?’ His eyes didn’t leave the newsprint his eyes was on.

Despite the fact that for about three minutes, she had been pleading with her husband, willing him to say something, anything but not the silent treatment he had been leashing out on her, the sudden sound of his voice and iciness accompanied with it made her shudder.

‘Emmm…I… some foreign doctors also visited and after examination and other routine. They all confirmed me medically okay to conceive.’ Tears formed in her eyes. ‘I have prayed, you know I have done everything required of me.’ She entwined her palms and exhaled as the first set of tears rolled down her cheeks. ‘You know I didn’t mess up my life, I was a virgin till our wedding night. ‘ With her knees, she moved close to him and rested her palm on his knees. ‘Please honey, I beg you…’ Her voice trembled. ‘Please don’t ever leave me…please. You’re my life, if you leave, I will die. I beg of you, please don’t leave and marry someone else…’ Her voice trailed off as she began to sob.

‘What makes you think I want to marry another?’ Marcus cast the newsprint aside to give her a scrutinizing look.

She lowered her gaze momentarily and then swallowed hard. ‘You haven’t said a word to me for over twenty four hours…you haven’t touched my meals and… and that’s how all begins.’

A smile formed on his lips as he placed a palm beneath his chin. ‘Nne, you’re a fantastic cook denying myself of your meals with no ideal replacement is not wise. I am disturbed, close to a score years without a child to show for i is… is I don’t know what to even say.’ He exhaled and ran his finger through his low cut hair with a touch of grey.

Ezinne heaved.

‘Ladies try to take advantage of this challenge to make advances but I refuse because when I married you, it was for better and worst. Besides…I… I don’t even know if the probability of another lady conceiving for me. I love you too much for all that “trial and error” mess.’ She pulled her close and plant a kiss on her forehead.

She exhaled as relief flooded her almost bursting into hysterical laughter.

‘Imagine my four year niece dead after being raped to death by the house boy, my brother had employed and since then, Ngozi had been unable to conceive again. Enough of science and technology, Azubuike and I will be going to see a spiritualist tomorrow.’

The information hit her like a bolt from the blue but she dare not protest.

‘This is not happening to me, no…no…not my own Kafayat …not my own daughter… not my own daughter. ‘ Aishat wailed, shaking both legs vigorously.

After the grey haired doctor had announced the diagnosis of her daughter thereby sealing her fate, she threw herself on the floor a couple of times and rolled on the cold ground as though the god or the determinant of fate will take cognizant of her and reverse the fate of her child.

Shakirat, Basirat and Yerima having been plunged into shock still yet to recover from the former were too lost in their individual thoughts, that they had not noticed their mother display talk more of consoling her.

Dishevelled and sored, she was now sitted on the marble tiled floor of the corridor that led to a couple of private wards in which her daughter now lay heavily sedated.

‘No…no, what will people say that my child… my flesh and blood is in a psychiatric hospital.’ She placed both hands on her head void of the earlier scarf which was now resting some distance away on the antiseptic floor. ‘This will be generational smear.’

The words of her mother had snapped out Basirat from her staring into space state to focus at Aisha.

She continued to stare at her as she would a stranger while processing the words she had just heard.

‘How can you allow your mind run so far mother, at least Kafayat is alive, what do you want the family of Saheed to do and say, he was the only son?’ She glared at her mother obviously disappointed.

‘Now you claim to be learned…’ She shook her head and stared into space. ‘Do you consider a psychiatric patient living?’

‘What!’ The trio glared at her as though she just confessed to being a witch and had been responsible for all the loss so far.

Aisha sighed and then heaved.

What if he got a call from Ada that his son had being to rushed to the hospital? The sudden thought chilled him and Yerima felt himself begin to perspire.

‘Oh my God…’ Yerima groaned, fumbled for his car keys and gave some inaudible excuse before hurrying out like the right hand man of the devil was hot on his pursuit.

Basirat burst into tears and her whole body shook as she remembered the event that was barely a week old.

After waiting for a couple of hours in the church for the arrival of the groom and his men, tension built in both families and well wishers. It was worst on the the beautiful bride, who paced, tried numbers no one seemed to be picking, paced and lamented.

‘This can’t be happening to me…Saheed can never do this to me.’ She had repeated over and over again while sweating in the fully air conditioned 2014 hyaundi.

Basirat had being with her and said all the encouraging words she could remember fearing the worst until the news came that on their way to the church venue, a HIAB truck had lost control of its brakes and had used the Jeep Saheed was in as a wedge.

Saheed had died instantly and others in the car suffered a non-life threatening injury.

The news had sent Kafayat reeling to floor and after few seconds,  she lay still motionless.

She was rushed to the hospital and after three days,  ragained consciousness only to start  displaying psychotic symptoms.

Her doctor had no other choice than to refer her for expert management.

‘I am getting scared, I don’t know long it will be before I lose my sanity.’ Basirat blew her nose and sat on a seat.

Shakirat let her guards down as she remembered her departed son, soon was kneeling on the ground sobbing.

Aisha sniffed and sneezed before burying her head in her palms.


Oh God please help her. That damn so called emergency meeting! I never wanted to leave as if I knew… I promised to be there with her.

The car screeched to a halt, he bolted out, slammed the door shut before running all the way into the hospital. No one stopped him because they all knew him.

He raced up the stairs in threes, not exercising the patience of the electronic stairs moving him up. As his eyes scanned the tag on each door he passed, he maintained his pace.

He got to the door he was looking for, halt and took quick deep breaths in and out.

‘Mum…’ Kelvin whispered when he entered.

‘Oh honey…’ She beamed as she glanced at him and then at the bundle in her arms. ‘Behold, the most beautiful baby I’ve ever set my eyes on.’

He moved close and peered. ‘My…my baby.’ He choked as tears sting his eyes.

‘Yes your baby, my first grand child. ‘ Darlene couldn’t help but chuckle as his reaction as she handed her over.

The baby stirred, stretched and went back to sleep. He held her close to his heart. ‘I almost can’t believe I’m holding you eventually.’ He shut his eyes and exhaled mesmerized. ‘My God in heaven, I bless you for your faithfulness, thank you for this precious gift you’ve given us. I pray that she would fulfil her purpose on earth, you’ll teach us to bring her in a godly way.’

‘Amen.’ Darlene chanted with her eyes closed.

‘She will be great, far better than her parents, she will be a force of revolutionalization to the world in Jesus name.’

‘Amen.’ Darlene said.

He kissed her on the forehead and then, stared down at her scrutinzingly. ‘Mum, she is so pretty!’

‘Of course dear, she should be, she is very well from a linage of beautiful people. She is more beautiful when her eyes are opened.’ Darlene chuckled.

Kelvin handed the baby over and walked over to where his wife laid with a hand on her abdomen. Her eyes were closed.

‘Angel are you okay?’ He took her hand and knelt beside her.

‘I’m… I’m okay.’ Katherine opened her eyes and beamed up at him. ‘Our beauty has been born dearest.’

‘Yes.’ He beamed. ‘Thank you for her.’ He kissed her on the lips and his grip on her hand tightened. ‘My sweetness, I am sorry for not being there for you.’

‘That may be a good thing in a way, you might have changed your mind about having two boys and a girl.’ Her glassy eyes shone.

Kelvin exchanged glances with his mother who smiled like she knew a great secret.

Katherine closed her eyes.

‘Do allow her rest honey.’

Just then, Kayla came in white. ‘Congratulations Kelly.’ She embraced him. ‘You’ve got for yourself a bouncing, healthy and pretty baby girl.’

‘I know Kay, thank you so much.’

Kayla turned to her mother who now seated.’ Dad is crossed that you did not call to inform him before coming to the hospital. My Sweetheart will soon be here.’ Kayla sat beside her mother.

‘Where are they?’ Camilla bursted in the private ward decorated with pink and white balloons and cards. She cast her bag and car keys aside as she saw the baby. ‘Oh my cutie… cutie!’ She brimmed with happiness. ‘Mummy please let me hold her. Oh my…she is so adorable! My name is Aunt Camilla, I am the one that use to sing for you when you’re in your mummy’s womb. Oh my…she just smiled at me, she remember me!’

They all chuckled except Katherine.

‘Congratulations big bro.’ With an arm, she embraced him and kissed him on both cheeks.

‘Thanks darling.’ Kelvin returned before going to perch on the bed with Katherine.

‘I saw a gatherine of the press as I sneaked into the hospital via the back. They would have to swallow the patience pill because the Sigismund take pride in relishing their special moments.’ Camilla said before reaching into her bag for her camera.

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