‘Good afternoon ladies.’ He gave a low bow.

They stood and he hugged Katherine before Kayla.

‘You ladies look stunning dressed similarly. ‘ He complimented.

They were dressed in tie and dye straight cut gown. She had come with 32 yards for the family and the duo had chose a similar style.

‘Thank you.’ They chorused.

‘You look charming and handsome better than I remembered.’ She winked at him.

Kenneth chuckled and unbuttoned his blazers as he sat.

‘I believe you’ve met Kayla.’ Katherine said as a matter of fact.

‘Sure thing. Kelvin make his cherished friends meet his wonderful family.’

Kayla smiled.

They gave their orders for lunch and drinks and in no time they were served.

‘Can you imagine that Kayla and I are twins?’

‘Twins?’ He repeated and glanced at both of them with puckered brows. ‘How do you mean?’ He took a sip from his tumbler.

‘Kelvin made the discovery and it’s true.’ Katherine informed him all in smiles.

‘Amazing! I can imagine your reactions to the revelation. Bet that’s one of the most successful research my friend has ever done.’ He grinned.

‘Yup.’ Kayla giggled. ‘You need to see him when he gave the announcement.’

‘I celebrate you two.’

They beamed.

They concentrated on their meals making small talks.

‘Kenneth, Kayla, you two have some similarities.’ Katherine announced after their table had been cleared of plates and cutlery.
‘You’ve been through disappointment and all it’s baggage at the hand of the opposite sex. I’ve done my best to offer advice and support and God in his infinite mercies has taken charge of your lives.’

They listened to her raptly. Both a little taken aback at the news of the other.

‘I for one detest unfinished works. I don’t want anything that would happen that may cause regression and I know you still nurse fear of making another mistake. I will need you to share some of the things you’ve learnt with each other. Iron sharpens iron.’ She glanced from Kenneth to Kayla, ‘Who goes first? ‘

‘I will.’ Kayla said.


Katherine looked around the airport car park for her official car and driver. She had called her driver to come for her.

Then she saw him looking so fly and fine leaning against his car, his legs crossed with sun glasses like he just stepped out from a magazine for men.

Before one could say Tom Cruise, she began running with her suitcase, when she was close enough, she dropped it and flew into his arms.

‘Gracious goodness, have you been learning high jump!’ Kelvin exclaimed and laughed.

‘I’ve missed you.’ She said before burying her face into his neck.

‘Huh…’ He acted surprised as he ran his palm on her hair. ‘I’ve missed you more dearie.’ He kissed her cheek and forehead.

Soon they were headed to a funspot and Katherine was chatting away.

He listened, made comments but laughed most of time, feeling a sense of wholeness that was to new with her beside him.

They shook hands both smiling.

‘Congratulations once more.’ The doctor told him.

‘Thank you very much sir.’ Tobi gave a low bow brimming with happiness.

Just then, Aishat and Shakirat came into the waiting room.

‘Congratulations Ladies, ‘ The elderly family doctor told them. ‘She was delivered of two boys and a girl and they are all fine.’

Shakira and Aisha leaped for joy.

‘Thank you Doctor Hassan. ‘ She made to knee in courtesy.

Shakira hugged her brother in law.
Just then, the matron approached the doctor almost running. ‘Doctor we need your attention for Mrs Adams. ‘

Just a look at the Matron he had worked with for about fifteen years, without asking questions, he hurried away with her.

The trio stared at the departing figure, mouth agape and  horrified.


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