Showing on the large plasma screen television was the movie -Blended.

Yerima shifted uneasily in the sofa as his eyes darted away from the screen. The movie was rousing emotions that had tried unsuccessfully to repress.

Aisha sipped water from a tumbler and expertly glanced at her son whom she asked to come live with her after three weeks admission in the hospital. His brows were creasing into a frown.

‘Mum.’ He stood briskly, ‘I need to nap. ‘

‘Nap? ‘ She repeated quietly. ‘It’s not up to an hour you woke up.’

He shifted from one feet to another and glanced at the screen of his phone willing it to ring. ‘That’s not my kind of movie mum.’

‘So you can’t stand family drama, comedy, love and its sparks because that… that girl decides you’re too good for her. ‘ She stood bracing up to talk sense into his head. ‘Whose loss, tell me?’

‘Mum please…you don’t know anything about Jean. ‘ He met her gaze.

‘I’m surprised that the doctor has not declared me hypertensive. Do you know how I felt watching you lie on the hospital bed not sure if you will survive the shock or not. ‘ Her voice rose in hysteria. ‘How dare you allow a woman send you to the hospital when there are better ones out there? Have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten your worth Yerima? Have you forgotten what this family has been through. ‘ She closed in on the distance between them. ‘How dare you allow a girl send you to the hospital?’ Her eyes flashed in anger laced with disappointment.

‘I’m sorry mum but she is not any girl, she is my heart beat.’ He told her calmly and then massaged his forehead with a finger.

Aisha grimaced and glared at her son. ‘We, your family are your foot sole abi? I swear on my… ‘ She heaved deciding against swearing on anything. ‘if you don’t get hold of your emotions, I will kill myself for you! ‘

He strode away. ‘Thank God I have a son already, I won’t consider getting married ever.’

‘Ehen…’ She stood rooted at his statement and when she decided to go after him, the door bursted open.

‘My sweet mummy…’ Kafayat drawled grinning from ear to ear almost bouncing into room.

‘Yes baby.’ She beamed as she faced her welcoming the new aura to the previously tensed atmosphere.

‘Tada…’ she raised her left palm.

She gasped at the diamond-cut 14karat white gold engagement band that sat gracefully on her engagement finger. ‘Congratulations baby.’ She embraced her.

‘Oh mummy…I’m so excited, it is like am going to explode with happiness.’ She fanned herself with her right palm.

‘I know baby…I know.’ Her mother laughed and took her palm to examine the ring. ‘It is so beautiful. Soon I will have to stop calling you baby.’ She looked lovingly into her daughter sparkling eyes.

Kafayat chuckled. ‘Where is big brother, I need to tell him? ‘

‘Not so fast darling, I need to hear all the juicy details.’ Aisha pulled her daughter to the sofa.

She was an ex winner of the big brother africa show and one of Africa most celebrated models.

Doctor, I have to get to the company and put things in order. I will be back in the afternoon. ‘ Kelvin slide both hands into his pocket.

‘No problem Mr Sigismund. ‘ Doctor Clem smiled at him. He was the doctor in charge of Katherine health and they stood past the door of her private ward.

‘I will to like to have a nurse by her side till I return. ‘

‘In this hospital that is our policy, each patients are entitled to the care of a nurse. You don’t need to ask. Besides, she is the business administrative personality and is a great honor for us to see to her speedy  recovery.’ He beamed.

Assured, Kelvin extended his and the doctor took it. ‘I will hold you accountable to your words. Thank you Doctor.’

‘My pleasure.’ The doctor left for his office.

Kelvin entered her ward and looked down at her face. ‘Katherine… I have to go but I promise to be back by noon.’ He waited as though anticipating a response, even it means her stirring.

He kissed her cheeks, felt her forehead before walking to the door. At the door, he gave her a final glance before leaving.

It was a Monday morning and Katherine had remained unconscious since she was rushed in.

Kelvin had left her bedside on Sunday  to freshen up. He had scrolled through her phone contact in search of the number of the gatekeeper, he informed him of Katherine welfare.

The doctor had told him she had suffered syncope due to low blood pressure and depression.

He took the palm free of cannula and influx of infusion in his hands. He glanced at the equipment that had been connected to her and then at her face.

Dark circles had formed around her eyes and her face now looked pale compared to how white it had been in the first twenty four hours, when the foot of her  bed had been elevated to increase blood flow to the brain.

His mind flashed to some of the things she had told him.

“I slumped into unconsciousness severally…”

“…I longed for death as though it was natural.”

Was the very last of unconsciousness? Would this unconsciousness make her desire come through?

He knew that some people passed on after revealing personal secret.

His spirit sank.

He had seen the doctor’s expression when he had come earlier to examine her, he probably didn’t expect that she will still be drifting in and out of consciousness.

Oh my God… He groaned in spirit.

‘Kathy I am optimistic you will live darling. ‘ His grip on her palm tightened. ‘I don’t believe God is through with writing your life story. I don’t believe you’ve completed your purpose on earth. ‘ He closed his eyes. ‘Besides before isn’t like now darling, you are not alone. You have me and I care about you.’

Katherine eyes fluttered opened, through misty eyes, she tried to make out his face but couldn’t. She closed her eyes and decided to listen to the voice that kept bringing her back even when she was dressed in white and swirling away.

‘God you are the great healer, you heal all broken hearts. I plea with you to heal her. She has been a bounty of blessing to me and an example of selflessness despite all she has been through. Father I plea for your mercy and strength… ‘ He sobered. ‘For years I have trusted you and you have not disappointed me. You said in your word dear Jesus that by your stripes we are healed. Please heal her…she is your precious child, she has trusted in you  despite her loss and scars. ‘ Tears welled in his eyes.

He was engrossed reading a business journal when Katherine opened her eyes.

She blinked severally and after a couple of minutes, she had a clear vision of the journal and the face doing the reading.

‘Hello.’ She called but she couldn’t hear herself. She swallowed hard and cleared her voice.

Kelvin cast the journal aside to look at her.

She smiled. ‘Hi boss.’

‘Yes Kathy! ‘ He grinned and could have embraced her but for fear of her wincing in pain or disconnecting any of the monitoring device. ‘I’m so glad you’re awake, you scared me.’

She lifted the hand void of cannula. ‘Help me up. ‘

He obliged her and comfortably arranged the pillows behinds.

‘How do you feel? ‘

‘My body aches. How long has it been?’

‘Today is Wednesday.’

Her gaze lingered on his face before she took in the ward. ‘Thanks for staying with me.’ Before he could reply, she managed to laugh cushioning her stomach with a palm. ‘Don’t I sound like a frog?’

Kelvin burst into bouts into laughter and was still laughing when the doctor and nurse came in for observations.
For Fhunkhy and all who celebrated my success with me.


I’m so glad you’re better for all of our sake and for Kelvin too.’

‘How do you mean? ‘ She glanced at Kelvin who was munching a red apple and had his attention on the cartoon showing on TV.

‘When I called him two days back, his voice was all shaky like he had been weeping. I was brow beaten myself.’ Kenneth told her.

Katherine chuckled.

Kelvin directed his attention momentarily  to her with a frown. Were they gossiping about him?

‘How do you feel now? ‘

‘I feel better, at least am no more sounding as croaky as a frog.’ Katherine pressed the phone against her ear.  ‘Besides, your friend has been treating me like if I attempt to snap my fingers, my bones will fracture into unfixable pieces. ‘

Kelvin rolled his eyes while Kenneth laughed.

‘I don’t expect him to treat you any less except he want me to whisk you away from Nigeria.’

‘You and your bestie are making me feel like a flab.’

‘You can prove us wrong, stand from the bed and leave for outside unaided. ‘

‘Oh no… ‘ She cried. ‘I still feel dizzy and my abdomen ache.’

‘You see dear. Never to worry, you will be splendid in no time. ‘

‘I’m grateful Ken. How have you been? ‘ She flexed a leg on the bed.

‘Very well. God’s grace has been sufficient in my life on daily basis. ‘

She rounded off with him and handed Kelvin his phone.
‘I wonder where my phone is… ‘ She glanced around and her gaze settled on her hand bag

‘Who do you want to call? ‘ He reached for the bag and handed it to her.

‘Lanre, my gatekeeper, he must be worry sick. I am surprise I didn’t remember to call him yesterday. ‘

‘I already did. ‘

She looked at him flabbergasted and her worried expression was replaced with a beautiful smile. The best he had seen since she became conscious the day before.

‘Thank you, you’re such a darling. ‘

‘And…? ‘ His eyes shone in delight.

‘Thoughtful and Kindhearted. ‘ She indulged him grinning. ‘You are so wise, am surprised you don’t grey hairs. ‘

‘My heart is beating fast…’ He fanned himself with his phone. ‘I’m having palpitation, please call the doctor, I need to be admitted beside you.’

Katherine cushioned her abdomen with a hand as burst into laughter.

Olaide kissed her on the cheek. ‘You look as though you’ve lost 10kg.’

‘Haba Laide! ‘ She chided.

‘I’m serious as a man aiming an arrow at a hair breath.’ He sat at the edge of her bed. ‘Whoever said illness is not a bad thing need to undergo electroconvulsive therapy. ‘

Katherine and Kelvin exchanged glances, he shrugged.

‘Oga, what does that mean? ‘ She narrowed her brows.

‘I don’t know myself… ‘ He scratched his head. ‘It’s some word my fiancee says, she is a psychiatric nurse. ‘

‘Wow.’ Kelvin exclaimed.

‘You should flogged for commiting that to memory without finding out  its meaning. ‘ Katherine joked  and sipped water. ‘How’s everybody at work? ‘

‘They are fine, Anita suggested we prayed for you and majority of us gathered and did for ten minutes yesterday. ‘

‘Awww… I feel so special. ‘ She placed a palm on chest. ‘Thank you.’

‘I am very sorry for not coming to see you earlier, with you and the boss away … ‘

‘I understand Olaide, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill that is not even existing.’

He dropped a nylon by her provisions cupboard. ‘I brought you some fruits. ‘ He opened another carton. ‘When I announced I will be coming to see today, I began to receive- get well cards and flowers for you.’

Tears sting her eyes as she collected the first card. It was from the head of cleaning department.

Kelvin stood to help out with the other carton. ‘Let’s decorate this ward with everything. ‘

‘Yea.’ Olaide agreed.

While they busied themselves, she dabbed her eyes and tried not to sniff to avoid attracting their attention.


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