I was coming back from work this evening and a particular lady which would be in late teens or early twenties caught my attention as she overtook me while trekking.

My brows were still creased and assessing her dressing when I heard –

See as you dress de waka for road, if they rape you now, you go cry!

Another onlooker, a tricycle operator replied – Abeg leave am jare, you wan rape am for road?

The lady ignored them and kept walking.

This lady was well endowed back and front was in a body fit micro-mini blue dress. The dress just stopped below her buttocks.

Same for the wedding I attended on Saturday, same dressing but this lady was not even so endowed and I couldn’t help but wonder at her motive.
Every time she stood, I couldn’t help but pray for the men around both single and married. She was even pulling the gown down because her tights were showing.

Few weeks back, I found myself in the company of some guys and one said that he asked in church by an usher not to wear a sleeveless T-shirt he wore again to service again, he was vexed and begin to compare the church to other churches where any form of dressing was accepted.

I shared with him the short below:
one of cousins who didn’t have a personal relationship with God told me he attended one of the popular churches and couldn’t even stay till the end of the service because he wasn’t sure if he was in the church or a club.

What do you say, does it or doesn’t it matter?
Do you think God doesn’t care about what you wear, he is just concerned about your heart?
Does it really matter when your physical make others prey to the devil?