I just watched the movie –the best man holiday and I had a long good cry.

The movie ministered to me, all the insecurities, anger over being heartbroken despite giving all, all the muffled -God why me and it’s unfair.

I remember the words of one of my favorite radio presenter Bellarose Okojie of Inspiration fm- God is writing your love story.


This I say to myself – He knows it all, he sees it all and it’s taking me to an expected end.
I believe He is doing same for you too.

Don’t stop being you, stop being happy or doing good because some people don’t appreciate it. The pen is God’s hand, He is doing justice to your story no matter how you’ve hurt.

Soon people for your sake will gasp- Are you serious!
You don’t say!
Fill the blank space.*winks *

Have a wonderful weekend and holiday.