“Be proud of your scar because someday someone might trust you just because of that.”
Oh yea? That sound new to you? It did to me when this morning I heard that from a minister on city fm “Never trust anyone without a scar.”
I didn’t hear all of the message because I was prepared for church but was eating agege bread and stew so I could take my medications before leaving for I have been strong.
Anyways I did ponder on the above statement.

I define scar as an evidence of a former usually unpleasant experience.
-Definitely it is something we are over with, yet it’s there as a reminder.
-It could positive or negative depending on usage. It can make you know better than do  somethings.

I will use myself as an illustration,


I didn’t expect myself to be so strong that to talk was a herculean task. I didn’t expect myself to be ill again this year because I’ve always been praying about it, I was tired of hearing- Nurse de sick? And I answer with- na coconut water de flow inside im vein?
That is like a scar because I know it will pass too like other ones in time past and there will be testimony that will strengthen others faith.

Scars could include: Mistakes,  disappointment, failure, deprivation of ones right, lost of friendship or loved ones …fill in the blank dear reader, etcetera
Hear this – IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE ANYTHING YOU CANNOT MAKE A MISTAKE, you cannot have a scar.
I hope you’re going hmmmmmmmh.
Whatever it is, You have to dust it up and try again because you’re above that scar.
That will pass too.
Sure! Because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
Your life is graven upon the palm of His hands and your wall are continually before him.

Someday, the glory behind our scar maybe all the gospel someone needs someday.