He heard the rumors that someone has found a note in her compound that armed robbers will visit the vicinity soon.
Being a careful person, he discarded the regular padlock on his gate and replaced it with a security lock.


That night, having done a double check on the gate he retired to bed leaving all the doors and windows opened.
Afterall, he had secured the main gate,he smiled self satisfied as he tucked himself himself in bed.

Twelve hours later,

One of the police officer that had responded to the distress call hurled insults at him in pidgin
‘mumu!’ he finalized before joining his partner who had looked him up head to toe before walking away.
With blood shot eye and a broken lip due to a couple of slaps delivered by the armed robbers who made away with most of his property, he explained to the neighbours that he couldn’t believe that the robbers found their way easily despite the security lock.
If You are the one, what will you say to the man?
Why you are thinking about that, Let me point out some Biblical characters.

Gideon had a relationship with God(security lock) before he decided to throw the other doors and windows opened when he made an ephod that Israel a-whored after and eventually became a snare unto him.
If he was once saved, eternal secured, why did it become a snare to him and made Israelites forget God?

Judas was among the twelve, so trusted that he was made a treasurer. He went out with the others to evangelise and wrought signs and wonders.(Security lock/once saved)
He gave his weakness a chance, so much that even when Jesus said-he It is, to whom I shall give a sop,when I have dipped it.And when he dipped that sop,he gave it to Judas Iscariot,the son of Simon,
he wasn’t remorseful even when the index finger was pointed at him amongst others, he still went ahead to betray his lord.
His heart become so seared that even he returned the money, he couldn’t pray for forgiveness rather he hanged himself and most definitely went to hell.

Despite what some churches or people might say/believe in,there is nothing like once saved,eternal secured.
   Christian should guide their salvation and other Christian experiences jealously lest they fall.
 The Bible tells us that the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

I pray God make us heavenly minded at all time.
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