She giggled as she watched him wriggled his supposedly hips.
He winked at her and joined congregation in the song.
Higher higher higher
Higher Jesus higher
Higher higher higher
Higher Jesus higher

She whistled excitedly and began to clap her hands.

They were lovers for two years and counting, for the past three months, they had graduated to living together lovers.
That friday night they had decided to attend a church in their neighborhood which was hosting a praise night in place of their usual routine of clubbing.

Just a few minutes before midnight, a pastor mounted the pulpit to admonish the church.

He had listened raptly and became overwhelmed by emptiness, with the knowledge that his praises wouldn’t have gone beyond the roof of the church and most of his deeds kept nailing Christ to the cross over and over again.

Tears formed his eyes and when an altar call was made, he stood to head out.

She pulled him back. ‘Sweetie, have you lost your mind, what do you think you’re doing? ‘ She whispered with a voice laced with fierceness.

‘I want to go out, I want to surrender my life to God.’

‘Oh yea, you’re indeed foolish! What is going to happen to me, look at me…look at my body, how will you feel if I start giving attention and my body to all those men that I refused in time past because of you.’

He shook his head contemplating with a frown.

By then, the prayer of repentance has started.

‘I should have know that coming to church was a bad idea.’ She whispered sarcastically, picked her purse and head out.

He pondered for few seconds before he scrambled to his feet and head the way she had gone.

‘Baby! Baby! Wait up. ‘ He called and ran to catch up.

She waved him off with a swing of her palm and crossed to the other side of the road.

He hadn’t looked as he made to cross too.
A drunken driver was heading home too.

Pwooooaw!!! the collision.

‘Jesus! ‘ She screamed on top of her lungs, her eyes almost popped put of its socket at the gory sight that just landed in front of her.


The officiating minister spoke heartily just by the grave side.

She listened amidst the tears that kept rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly her knees buckled under her and she slumped to feet.
Oh God please have mercy, do forgive dear Jesus. I renounce all my past life of waywardness. God please accept me… i don’t want to nail you anymore,  i don’t want to be a cast away.
She held her abdomen as she sobbed and her whole body shooked.

And behold God forgave her and the him He said -ThOU FOOL!
Do you know why he was pronounced a fool?
Oh you do! I’m glad you do *winks*

For those who don’t know, I’ll tell you.
We are given opportunities on almost daily basis to make our way right with God.
Even what is going on the country is a message that we should draw close to our Maker.

Some of us decided to be fools.
Some of us decided to be forgiven.

Which will it be for you, tomorrow might never be.
All we like sheep
Have gone astray
Each of us have gone in our own separate ways
We have all sinned
And fallen short of his glory.



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