After the embrace, Osaz took her hand in
his. ‘I am going to miss you.’
‘I will also, take good care of yourself. ‘
Hester smiled
‘You too darling, if I intend to stay longer
than scheduled, your smile will catapult
me back.’
‘Do you have to say that, my head is so
spinning that I need a spindle machine. ‘
He grinned. ‘Bye for now.’
‘Bye.’ She squeezed his hand.
His eyes lingered on her before he went
to board the private aircraft the Kenyan
government had provided.
Every invitation to execute any project in
any part of the world entitled him to the
best of accommodation, transportation,
feeding and the likes.
Hester shivered slightly. She felt lonely.

‘Gem, Gem! The Gem! Oh boy yeh! what
happens? You look as if two years was
knocked off you. ‘
‘Shay that na insult abi na compliment? ‘
Osaz frowned.
‘No, na remedy! ‘
‘Ebi like say wire don de touch for your
head. Wetin all that one come mean na,
de careful o.’
‘You don de scatter yan abi, the day me
go use soap and water wash your mouth,
e go be you be like film, you go just
sitdon, internal cold go catch you, you go
just confuse.’ He clapped both palms in
They both burst into laughter as they
embraced each other.
‘Gem! ‘ Ethelbert Franklin Onyemakazi
hailed. ‘I wouldn’t want to believe Kenya
did all this to you, you look good.’ He
smiled revealing immaculate teeth that
one could liken to a child’s and watched
as his best friend settled into his favorite
sofa in the sitting wing of his mansion and
unbuttoned his blazers. He stood six feet,
four inches tall towering Osagie with two
inches. He was fair unlike Osagie who
was ebony and at a first glance, one could
tell he was hairy, his hair was curly which
he had to cut every three days, his beards
around his face like Rick Ross’, he kept
very low and trimmed while Osagie
preferred his hair like that of Stone cold..
Osagie had the athletic and eager look
and smiled easily unlike Ethel who is slim,
whose eyes were appeared small,
watching him, you would think he was
squinting, his smile hardly came but when
it did, it was winsome.
They were both thirty two years of age
but Osagie was four months and a couple
of days older. Both looking handsome in
their own unique way.
Osagie stretched out his legs. ‘The Don,
what do we do when we don’t have voice,
how can we shout? ‘ His palms were
opened before him.
Ethel chuckled as he poured one of their
favorite fruit wine into tumblers. He
glanced at his friend from the bar.
‘I don’t have voice talk more of shouting,
’cause I am in a long thing …’ He drawled.
‘ There is a story to tell.’
He handed him his tumbler and sat on
the sofa across.
‘Thanks man. How are my pals? ‘ He was
referring to Ethel’s aides.
‘They’ve all got their head bowed over
one thing or the other,no time to play
around .’ He took a sip.
‘Yeah. Not when the boss still have the
target intact. ‘ Osagie gave his friend a
warm smile and took a sip from the
tumbler which he allowed to linger in his
mouth before swallowing.
‘I saw the bridge in a current CNN
bulletin, it was spectacular. ‘
‘Thanks Don.’
‘Are you going to tell me about the long
story or do I have to beg? ‘ Ethel placed
his tumbler on a side table, sat back and
studied his friend leisurely.
‘Beg, wetin I wan use am do? Na doe me
‘You can’t possibly be serious! ‘ Ethel
glared at him, ‘not with the money the
Kenyan government lavished on you.’
‘My guy, leave that matter for Matthias. ‘
He waved off dismissively.
‘One of these days, I will use soap, alum
and water to wash your mouth. ‘
Osagie swung his warning finger with
feign seriousness. ‘You forget say I no be
your mate ba? Na last warning I de give
you so, trim all those nonsense wings you
de grow.’
Ethel laughed. ‘You are so much in the
mood for joke and laughter. You are
His amusement vanished. ‘Is it that
obvious? ‘
‘Yes it is.’
Osagie began narrrating.
‘Slow down Osaz …’ He gave a short
laughter. ‘It is a joke right? ‘
‘Oooho,’ He waved a palm dismissively. ‘I am serious Ethel. When I
fetched my handkerchief to wipe her
shoe and she retracted …it was then I
became aware. I was like -O boy, wetin? ‘
‘It is hard for me to believe …’ He
chuckled. ‘Osaz you? No o.’ Ethel shook his head.
‘On a very serious note man, aferall,
today is not April fool.’
He regarded his friend. ‘This is breaking
news, tell me, who is this babe? ‘
Osagie sat back and smiled. ‘She is a
drop- dead -beauty -queen.’ He said
rhythmically emphasizing every word.
He peered at his friend. ‘I understand
now. ‘ He paused thoughtfully. ‘Osaz, I
can’t remember you ever giving a powerful
one liner description of a babe… is either
she is seductive, sexy, attractive or
beautiful. ‘
‘A time comes in a man’s life when he
can’t help but change. ‘ His words were
careful and calm.
Ethel clapped his hands humorously.
‘There is love in the air, I feel it every
where …’ He sang.
‘Stop it! Stop it now Ethel! ‘ Osagie
interrupted sharply. ‘If you don’t stop, I
will jam my fist into your cheek. ‘
Ethel raised both hands with open palms.
‘Why are you angry now? ‘
‘I am human, I have a right to be angry. ‘
‘I am human, I have a right to express
myself and singing is a form of
‘She is canny.’
‘As in the true epitome of being canny?
‘His brows were raised.
‘She is comfortable to be with, shrewd,
and so on.’
‘She is knowing, skilful, sparing and does
not pose a threat and having good
omen .’
‘God bless your brain!’ Osagie exclaimed
excited. ‘You are so on point! ‘
‘Hmmmm …so there is a lady like that on
planet earth?’
‘It beat me at first. ‘
‘Curiosity has killed Ethelbert Franklin.
Who is she? ‘
‘Her name is talalalaaa …’
‘Dadada! Ge ge ge !’ Ethel supported.
‘She is Hester Douglas.’
‘Hester Douglas ?’ He narrowed his brows
‘Yes.’ He watched the reaction on Ethel’s
‘Hester Douglas …Hester Douglas …’ He
repeated trying to remember what struck
him on hearing the name.
Osagie was thinking of inconsistent
beatings to match Ethel’s inconsistent
He stood slowly. ‘She is actually Hester
Douglas Tobechukwu.’
‘Naw! ‘ He shook his head. ‘Hester
Douglas. ‘
Ethel head for the stairs and mount it in
Osagie shrugged when he disappeared up
the stairs. He drained the content of his
tumbler and head to the bar for another.
As soon as Osagie was seated, he was
back holding five magazines.
He handed him one. ‘Is she the one?’
‘Yes.’ He smiled. Her picture was the only
one on the front page and it dominated
the entire page. Below it was written –
Nigeria Youth Ambassador, representing
like never before.
‘Men! This girl is Fine! It is like she look
more beautiful here.’ Osagie beamed.
‘She is Hester Tobechukwu Douglas, the
CBN governor’s daughter. ‘
‘Douglas Tobechukwu.’ He muttered as he
looked up at Ethel. ‘Oh my goodness!
How come I never figured this out, she is
so humble! ‘
Ethel sat once more. ‘It is not every one
that enjoys carrying their parents’ banner
everywhere they are. I suppose she is
not sophisticated like all those c-class
girls. She is more responsible and
independent. ‘ He told him reasonably.
‘Exactly! ‘ It dawned on him like a bolt
from the blue. ‘She is also not like baby
president who mistakes stupidity for
responsibility. ‘
They all big boys in the country, because
of Oladimeji acts which they disapproved
of, there was no love lost in between
them, so also, no rapport but they knew
one another well.
‘Talking about Oladimeji, do you know she
is the one that kept Natasha Williams
smiling, sent him to the hospital
unconscious and retained him there for
two months. ‘
‘Oh! Oh! You don’t say! Are you telling
me she did me the pleasure after a long
time of belittling him before the world.’
‘When I told you to leave those layouts
for a while and get interested in the
happenings of your country, you gestured
to a seat and asked me to sit. Take a look
at this.’ Ethel handed him another
‘She look so different here, heavily made
up,so unhappy. ‘
‘When Mummy heard about the marriage,
she said Hester will never get married to
him, that it was a forced marriage, even
Daddy affirmed. ‘
Osagie smiled. ‘CBN governor’s daughter
make the message clear, threw the
honours (ring and flower) and dared to
send the president son for a painful and
lonely mourning mood in the hospital.’
He read and burst into laughter. ‘She is
my heroine. ‘
Ethel lowered himself beside his friend
and relaxed.’ I have been wanting to meet
her.’ His voice was calm.
He turned to look at him. ‘Because of
this? ‘
‘Even before this Osaz. ‘ He closed his
eyes. ‘She is my sister’s best friend. ‘ His
voice was of pain.
‘Victoria’s best friend? ‘ He went wide
eyed as he turned fully.
‘Yes.’ Ethel was the former president son.


‘He is the hope Nigerians cling to of ever getting to the ovation level in the next couple of years.’

‘You are a presidential candidate? ‘ She stood six feet tall and looked up at him, she had a diamond face with her thick black long natural hair starting from half her forehead, with captivating brown eyes she had inherited from her grandpa, with a skin colour that reminded one of Milo ad. One wouldn’t call her fat nor slim.

‘Yes I am. You seem surprised. Are you like that man that don’t even know when Nigeria had her independence.’ Ethel glanced at Osaz.

”When you’re through, you will explain in simple terms what that means! ‘ Osagie retorted.

Hester smiled. ‘I am better off, It’s just that politics is not my turn on’

Ethel smiled too, then waited. He had never felt the need to obey the rule – allow the lady to extend her hand first. He had never considered it important…until now.

He glanced at Osaz who had seen through him and didn’t hesitate in giving him the”You see! ” look. Then he placed his hand over his mouth as he was beside himself with laughter.

‘You are actually waiting for me to extend my hand.’

Geez! She had read his mind.’I know you to an extent, I have heard so much about you though have not had the privilege of meeting you one on one …until now. Victoria… told me so much that can as a matter of fact make up for your biography. ‘ She grinned when he went wide eyed.

He beamed in fond remembrance. She had also told him so much about Hester.

‘Here we are, you being good friends with my Osagie, we are not strangers while act like one? ‘She opened her arms.

He covered the distance and an Italian hug was established.

‘Perfect! ‘ Osagie clapped enthusiastically. ‘wish I had a camera. ‘

‘Give us a standing ovation then.’Ethel commanded.

Osagie stood still clapping and then he whistled.

‘You should cure your bf of this craziness.’ Hester joked.

‘Hmmm Hess …’ Ethel began. ‘You wouldn’t believe how much time, where have been to, the concoctions have had to swallowed on his behalf. All, to no avail.’ Ethel told her amusingly but yet wiped off an imaginary sweat before settling beside Osagie.

Osagie burst into bouts of laughter.

Hester followed suit. Laughing, she excused herself.

‘I told you, I will trim your wing.’ Osagie delivered a well formed fist to Ethel side.

‘Yeh! Yeh! ‘ He exclaimed and bent over.

Hester hurried in.

They both became serious.’Is everything all right? ‘ She looked from Ethel to Osagie.

‘Yeah! sure! ‘ They chorused.

She glanced at them skeptically but left once more.

Ethel dropped down on his knees and bend over clutching his side.

‘Mummy …’ He cried.

Osagie laughed merrily.



This was the fifth time her phonewas ringing and the number was strange. That apart, she didn’t feel like picking any calls, same as the day before.Her legs were crossed, she looked up from the magazine she had collected from Ethel. When it was the seventh time, she picked the phone and dragged the receive key.
She waited

”Hello Sweetheart …”

She held her breath. Sweetheart?
”’Hi, who am I on to? ‘

“I am your one and only sweetheart, don’t ever forget.’

‘You are nobody to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do Oladimeji. You shouldn’t give yourself hope on me ’cause you are making the biggest mistake of your life.’

”Hester you should be apologi …”

Shut your trap and listen to me! I don’t give a hoot about the relationship you had or have with my parents but you will never have me. Let me give you some pieces of information that will be handy since your head is not yet upgraded. Hester Douglas can never be yours, you don’t mean a thing to me, you don’t belong to my class, we are not of same social status, you are not my calibre, we don’t share same beliefs, we don’t have same physiology about life and our value system has no similarities!’

He exhaled. “Hester I love you and I’ve forgiven you for everything you have ever done tome. I expect you to be sober, your tongue to be bridle, I expectyou to be apologizing.’

‘To blazes with you and expectations Oladimeji Adeniyi! Open your eyes, clean your ears,wake up Oladimeji wake up, get awet handkerchief and wipe your face. You have crossed your rubicon with me, I was proud to announce to the world that you have no hope with me. Pitch your tent somewhere else.’

‘No matter how far you run, you can never hide, I will come because you are mine.”Yeh! Please …please, I am afraid Oladimeji, I am quivering, very funny.’ She laughed. ‘You should be ashamed, I have broken many of your rules and you have neverbeen able to do a thing. I am not afraid of you that is Why I jilted you at the altar, that is Why I did what a thousand and one wouldn’t dare. I am not brow beaten about the power you possess. let your tail lie between your legs, lick your wounds, pick up the broken pieces of your heart and move on.’

With that she ended the call.She hissed and picked the magazine.++++

Osagie replayed, played and then slowed
the scene.

It was a clip on the forced
marriage and Ethel’s copy of the
‘Gegeege-ge! oooops and up in the air.’
He glanced at Hester. ‘How did you
manage such precision? ‘ He was referring
to the ring, flower and exit.
Hester remained quiet as she watched
the scene.
Ethelbert watched her.
‘It was perfect Hess, pure psychology, you
worked on their minds. You deserve a
drink for such perfection. ‘ He stood and got her one.
She collected it and thanked him.
Based on what she heard, the president
so upset about the happenings that he
grounded two media houses, five
reporters got arrested. Yet it hadn’t keep
most of the media houses from releasing
lashing headlines and stories. The
president even got on the verge of
declaring a state of emergency for his son
Suddenly she felt choked , she excused
herself without the drink.
Ethel knew she was disturbed. Osagie had
not noticed since he was engrossed with
the clip.

I think something is wrong, no smiles, no
jokes, she has been too quiet for my
liking. ‘ Osagie posture was a relaxed one
on the sofa but he was pensive.
Ethel concentrated on the newspaper as if
he didn’t hear him.
‘This is unlike Hester,’ He sat at the edge
of his sofa. ‘Knowing we are both around,
she should have kept us company. ‘ He
looked at his friend and groaned. ‘Ethel! ‘

‘Huh…?’ He didn’t even look up.
‘Ethel, haven’t you been listening to me? ‘
‘Goodness gracious, what is it ehen? ‘ He
gave him a burning look. ‘This article am
reading contain some mind blowing facts.

‘Ethel am worried about Hester, she did
not join us for breakfast. Neither did she
take anything for lunch and dinner. ‘
‘You wouldn’t know that, we spent ample
time out today. ‘
‘Mwihaki complained, besides, I
observed. This is unlike her, she would
have been here by now to keep us
company. I strongly feel something is
wrong. ‘
‘Tell me BF when did you become a
Psyche and how much of feelings do you
now have? ‘
Ethel peered at him with a smile.
‘Flush the pleasantries, am not in the
mood! ‘ His voice rose and he turned
aside looking away from him. He had
expected him to reason with him and not
to make caricature.
‘I was minding my own business o! ‘ Ethel
went back to newspaper maintaining his
Osagie stood and walk out to the balcony
adjoining the sitting room and started
pacing .
He watched him leave knowing he was
bothered, he was also bothered but he
wanted his friend to come out straight so
he could know his true intentions.
In no time, he came back and sat beside
Ethel.’Tell me pal, do you think it is okay
for her to be like that? ‘
He forgave him and gave him full
attention. ‘I don’t know. Maybe the
ladies stuff. ‘
‘This is beyond ladies stuff.’ His look was
Ethel raised his brows. ‘So what do think
is wrong with her?’
‘I wish I knew Ethel, I don’t know. I am
worried. ‘
‘There is only one way to find out, go talk
to her.’ Ethel suggested.
‘Go talk to her? ‘ He appeared unsure as
he stood.
‘Hahan! ‘ Ethel glared at him
incredulously. ‘I said you should go talk to
her or you want me to say it in Japanese?

Osagie took few steps forward and turned
to look at Ethel. ‘Let us go together. ‘
Ethel burst into laughter as he stood.

With shaky hands, she wiped her tears.
‘Come in.’
They entered with Osagie leading, just
one look at her confirmed him a genius.
‘Hester? ‘ He called concerned. He lifted a
chair, placed it close to her bed before sitting.
She looked down at her entwined palms.
‘Hess, what happened? What is wrong? ‘
Ethel sat at a distance and watched them.
She shook her head slowly.
‘Nothing? Come off it Hess, you can talk
to me, you know you can please. ‘
She closed her eyes briefly ‘No …nothing
Osaz, I am okay. ‘ Hester forced some
conviction into her voice but when she
opened her eyes, her tears came down in
Osagie brows creased in worry. ‘Darling,
what is it na, why are you crying? ‘
‘No …no …I am not crying anymore. ‘ She
wiped her face.
Osagie reached into his pocket and gave
her a folded hanky.
‘Thank you.’ She accepted it.
He looked at her palms and took them in
his. ‘Hester, hardly does anyone cry for
nothing. I am your friend, I care about
you, Ethel is here too because he care
about you. If we can’t profer a solution
which I think is most unlikely, when you
talk and you share, you feel better. It
becomes easier. Darling please …’
‘Osaz, I am devastated, I …don’t know
what to think ,how to feel of this whole
madness rocking my entire life. ‘ She
exhaled. ‘The pain and betrayal my family
have given me is so much that I don’t
know where to start from. ‘ Her tears
trickled. ‘I have never know that … that
…’ She swallowed. ‘that Oladimeji from
Adam and all of a sudden, I am getting
married to him. A man who slapped me
the second time I was out with him
because I wanted to know the extent his
father has contributed.
‘Geez! ‘ Ethel muttered before shaking his
He glanced at his friend. ‘That guy is
mannerless. ‘
‘Since nobody want to plea my case, I
took it up myself, I made it clear and
plain to him and the world. I wasn’t
interested in the most important aura he
possessed.’ She paused momentarily.
‘I have been receiving threatening calls
from him- that he is going to have me
back come what may. I am pissed off,
really and indeed, I am. This whole thing
is clouding my sense. I don’t know what
to think of, I don’t know what to do …’
Hester sobered. ‘I …I couldn’t mourn my
best friend properly, I was still trying to
get back to my feet when this happened.
Now, I am in a foreign land and because I
am unsure of what I will get,I don’t want
to …I am scared of going back to my own
country. ‘ She cried. ‘Oh Osaz! I feel
awful .’

‘Challenges are part of life, they
sometimes come in packages that we
least expect. Our attitude towards it
matter, fears bring about doubt, loss of
self, but standing tall to it, brings faith,
boost your energy and gives you victory.
Oladimeji, can’t have you because he
does not have the will of doing things in
the proper manner. His every exhibition
is of cowardice. “I am the president’s son,
what can you do to me?” Don’t worry
darling, things will work out for good.
Weeping may endure for a night but joy
cometh in the morning… ‘
He couldn’t believe his ears, his best
friend was waxing like he didn’t  knew he
could and he was so serious that he was
touched personally.
Osagie looked at her. ‘Your joy will come,
you will rise and shine come what may.’
‘It is gonna be all right okay? It will be
just fine.’
She nodded.
He looked at Ethel. ‘What are you doing
there, won’t you back my assurance? ‘
Ethel stood and walked over to them. He
stooped. ‘Hester we both know the kind
of person Oladimeji is.’ He was referring
to himself and Osagie. ‘He can’t do more
than he already did. Cast all your worries
aside and boost your faith in everything
being well okay? ‘
She nodded.
‘I believe you will be fine Hester, I
believe more than Osaz does.
‘I believe far more than, I mean far, far
more than that you will be fine.’ Osagie
smiled, ‘Ha-han! Won’t you smile for us? ‘
‘Yeah, smile for us.’
She wiped her tears and then smiled. ‘I …
I feel lifted. ‘ She took Osaz hand and
then Ethel’s. ‘Thank you very much.’
‘You know, there are some gratitude you
receive and then you feel like you are the
most preferred guy on earth.’ Osagie
stood and swirled. ‘Yupee! I am a
Hester beamed.
Ethel stood. ‘I will readily sleep without
food for a week provided I will take that
charming smile with me.’
She chuckled.
‘Now that you are happy, we are happy!
Time for your dinner. ‘
‘No Osaz, am fine. ‘
‘I don’t consider a person with an empty
stomach fine, you are eating even if it
means me sweeping you off your feet
straight to the dinning room and then feeding
She frowned pondering.
‘Hester, Osaz is not joking. ‘ Ethel bent close and whispered.
She hopped down.
Osagie took her hand in his.

‘Break it down! Break it down !’ That he
did with outstretched arms and he moved
his body to the left, then right and then
to the right, he twirled on a feet.
She swayed from side to side, her body
wriggled up and down while lifting a feet
up and down. She did a semi turn and and
snapped her fingers.
Ethel watched seated with a smile on his
Hester beamed at Osagie next dance
move as he shook his waist in the igbo
style then she joined him laughing.
Ethel laughed.
The music continued blasting from the
sound system.
‘I told you.’ Osagie stopped to catch his
‘You did o, who would have thought the
preferred construction engineer could also
be the preferred dance partner. ‘ Hester
said in between quick breaths.
‘Can’t get the link, medicine, surgery and
dance but anyway darl, you are great.’
‘Thanks. ‘ Hester said sweetly and blew
him a kiss. She danced towards their
spectator. ‘It’s your turn.’
‘In as much as I will love to dance, I
can’t. ‘ Ethel told her.
‘You are kidding me! ‘
‘No he is not. ‘ Osagie slumped on a sofa.
‘He will just end stepping on your lovely
feet. He is dancephobic.’
Hester burst into bouts of laughter.
‘Osagie …!’
‘Okay o.’ Ethel resolved.
‘I will like to be a judge of that. ‘ Hester
eventually said.
‘Hester …’ Osagie began.
‘Shhhhh …’ She directed a stern look at
Osagie held his lips.
‘He is saying the truth Hester.’ Ethel’s
voice was calm.
‘Do I have to shut you up too? ‘ She
extended her hand. ‘I believe every one
can dance even those without feet. I
wouldn’t mind teaching you.’
He stood.
Talking in tune with the music playing,
she began demonstrating. ‘Tap, tap, tap …
step forward, step to the back, turn
around slowly, swing to the left then to
the right …to the right. Swing to the left
and sway, swing to the right and sway …
swaaay …’
He followed her lead.
‘Wow Ethel! You didn’t do bad at all.’ She
beamed, because Osagie had a mock
smile, she tossed a pillow at him. ‘Big
mouth, he swings better than you do.’
‘Small mouth, Thank you.’ Osagie’s  face
now had a grim.
‘Could you pease give us that music, we
are doing the Indian dance? ‘
‘I won’t. ‘ Osagie sat back sulkily.
‘I will.’ Ethel picked the remote.
Osagie yawned. ‘Could we hear
something better please? ‘
‘Osaz don’t be like that, history could be
‘Are you listening to him, what does he
know? let us continue jare, in 1807,…’
‘Nobody is continuing anything, ha-han! I
am bored for goodness sake! ‘ He stood
from the rug and sat on the sofa.
‘Osagie Osahon, how much is your fish? ‘
‘Excuse me! ‘ He shot Ethel a warning
Because she understood, she had to bit
her lower lips, to prevent laughter.
‘You are selling fish and you don’t know
its cost, amazing isn’t it ? ‘
‘And what is that suppose to mean? ‘ His
voice rose and his look daring.
‘He is trying to say you are selfish.
‘Hester chuckled.
Osagie stood chargingly.
Ethel stood. ‘Are you going to have my
head for saying the truth? ‘
‘I will do more than that, I will surely …’
Hester stood and was between them. ‘If
there is anymore fight in this house, I
cross my heart and I hope to get fairer,
no more fruit juice and you two should
get ready for 0 1 0 feeding for the next
couple of days.’
Huh? They directed their attention to her
She narrowed her brows and nodded.
‘Okay. ‘ Osagie resolved and gave his
friend,-you are a lucky look. ‘Who has got
the best names? ‘
‘I ‘Ethel’s fingers were up in the air.
‘Says who? ‘ Osagie opposed.
‘I do, my name is Ethelbert Franklin
Onyemakazie. I am noble, bright and I am
…the finest.’ He drawled.
‘Duh! I am Osagie Osahon. I mean God
answers prayers and I am sent by God.
You know na, God is involved and I am the best.’
‘I am Hester Douglas Tobechukwu. I
represent a star and I also represent
continual praising of God. You can’t be a
successful star if not endorsed by God.’
Having buttressed her point, she sat.
Osagie got trimmed papers and pen.
They agreed on ideas. They wrote their
first name four times on different papers
and then folded it. They were tossed and
the picked twice with eyes closed. From
the six papers, Osagie name occurred
He shrieked for Joy.
I am not going to take another messy
publicity, I know that Douglas girl is good
looking and all but son, there many fishes
in the ocean. She has done you more
harm than good, let her go.’ Adeniyi
Gbolahan adjusted his cap. He was on the
phone with his son.
‘Dad, I love her, I can’t let her go. It is
okay if you don’t support me marrying
her anymore. ‘
‘Your mother is very worried about you. ‘
‘Nobody should worry about me, I will
take full responsibility of my actions from
now henceforth. ‘
‘Oladimeji Adeniyi Gbolahan.’
‘Yes Dad.’ Oladimeji frowned.
‘Be careful. ‘ With that he ended the call.