G T G -13



‘See me in my office now.’ He instructed without a glance at her and proceeded without reducing his strides.

Her pen dropped and her heart sank right to the bottom of her abdomen.

Oh God have mercy… His tone had being more of a rebuke than instruction. He had never used such tone on her.

Had she actually blundered? Were  the applause and nodding of heads mere act to prevent her from feeling embarrassed?
Was her boss disappointed in her?
Was he going to throw her out?

She stood supporting herself with hands on the arms of the chair. As she walked to the office she realised that SIC was her family, a reason for purposeful days to look forward to.

Her life was not going to remain the same.

She knocked, waited  and then entered. She glanced at his face before closing the door behind her.

‘Sit.’  He told her quietly.

She glanced at him before she obeyed, her palms had become sweaty.

Kelvin knew he had made her apprehensive. ‘This is a surprise and at the same time not a surprise, it is a kind of  paradox.’ He flashed her a smile.

Oh God, he is trying not to make me feel bad before he throws me out.

‘ This is beyond a double coincidence and this recommendation is extraordinary because it is coming from great people. ‘ He paused momentarily and sat back. ‘And to also think that so much is being said and done by a high school graduate baffles me.’ He shrugged at an afterthought. ‘Nothing is impossible with God, afterall, you’re His creature. ‘Based on that and what have been thinking of for sometime, I have decided to fill a position that I didn’t consider anyone qualified until now. ‘ He waited. ‘Katherine Sylvester, you’re now Sigismund Assistant Director. ‘

Katherine closed her eyes feeling like a heavy blow has been dealt on her. She didn’t understand his introduction but it didn’t matter anymore.

She took quick deep breath as she felt like she was choking.

His last statement was definitely a figment of her imagination.

She could vouch it was a figment of her imagination.

She opened her eyes to find his steady gaze on her with brows narrowed in worry.

He had been afraid that she would suffer cardiogenic shock with the way she blanched and shivered.

‘Forgive me Sir.’ She cleared her throat and adjusted to the edge of her seat. ‘Can you please repeat what you just said? ‘ She glanced back to ensure someone else had not entered the office and he had been referring to the person.

He laughed at her action. ‘Katherine Sylvester, you’re Sigismund International appointed Assistant Director General. ‘ He repeated emphatically.

‘Jesus.’ She muttered before she broke into a short laugh. ‘Sir is this a joke or assessment of some sort? ‘

‘None of the above ma’am, I am serious. ‘ Kelvin stated simply.

‘Sir you are forgetting something vital, You’ve forgotten my root, I am cleaner.’ The pitch of her voice rose slightly and she placed a palm on her chest in a bid to convince him. ‘What do I intend to achieve being an ADG without qualifications?’

‘You are appointed by recommendations not qualifications my dear.’

‘What are you talking about? ‘ She was on the verge of crying out.

‘My dad told me you worth more than a secretary, the head of advertisement and research said same, the Production manager said so for the second time today and expressed his intention to recruit you in the production company and it was like a scale fell off my eyes just listening to you today. You’ve been working with me for over a year and I know that you’re far more than a secretary .’

She shook her head in quick successions.

He tilted his head to a side. ‘Are you trying to tell me we are all wrong. ‘

‘I don’t know! ‘ She said exasperated.

Kelvin was on his feet, ‘if you don’t know, you have no right to argue or object. Let me make this clear to you…’ He gave her a stern glare. ‘There is nothing you will do that will make me change my mind.’

She would have managed to smile if not that she was angry and shocked. ‘Really? ‘ She stood.

‘Yes’ He crossed over to sitting wing of his office.

‘What are you doing? ‘ she went wide eyed in alarm as he turned on a switch before he adjusted table camera on a side table. ‘Getting ready to give the company the news.’

‘Jesus Christ! ‘ She exclaimed hysterically. ‘Sir, this is completely absurd! ‘

‘Maybe to you not to me.’ He attached the microphone to his immaculate shirt before going on switch the camera and a screen occupying one-quarter of the wall came alive.

She moved closer not even knowing it, by then her eyes were filled with tears.

He sat and focused the camera. ‘Attention every one. Attention please… switch on the screen in your various department, I have an announcement to make.

She stood beyond the focal point of the camera but at a place where she could see the screen.

Various departments in partitioned form began to show on the screen.

He gave the announcement and everywhere became still.

She nodded knowingly at their reaction.

‘Anyone who have objection, objections about the news should speak now.’ He waited for three minutes before proceeding. ‘In the absence of any objection, Thank you. ‘

Applause broke out from a department she couldn’t figure out and it spread like if they didn’t, they would all lose their jobs and some went ahead to top it with a plastic smile.’

Katherine went back to stand beside her earlier seat. He switched off all devices before he returned back to his high back seat with a smile. ‘You see no objection and the deed is done.’

She considered herself blind that there was no objection indeed. She just looked on.

He knew he hadn’t convinced her. Was this about what people will say? ‘Sit Katherine, let’s talk about this. I hope this is not about what some might say because you remember you said… ‘

‘With all due respect, I know what I said.’ She tried not to snap. ‘What I would not take is someone manipulating me and that is what you just did. I will not go along with your offer until I have thought about it. I promise.you a feedback. Thank you Sir.’

That said, she left and closed the door behind her.

‘What! ‘ He exclaimed and then shook his head in disbelief. He would never really understand her, he realised to his dismay. He sighed.

Who in the world would reject such offer? And emphatically do so.



‘…before we end the stock market report for Sigismund International, information reaching our news room is that the post of the assistant director general is now held by Miss Katherine Sylvester…’

Katherine glanced at the TV screen from the lying position on the sofa.

Just then, her phone rang, she did not need to check her phone to know who the caller was.

He was probably watching same news bulletin.

She allowed the call to end before sending him a text message.

It was strictly her decision and she would allow no influence in spite publicity.



Katherine saw him first as came out from his private elevator.

He looked back because he felt the presence of another.

‘Good morning Sir.’ She greeted without a smile, nevertheless looking gorgeous in a crotchet laced dress suit, her natural hair ghana-weaved at front and the rest were singly weaved and gathered into a cream-colored clip. A brown three inches pencil heeled shoes with a cream alongside brown colored bag completed her dressing.

He heaved before turning around.’Good morning Katherine, did we actually have a real fight? ‘

‘I have a ready made answer for you, I came this morning to tender my resignation letter personally instead of going through another means of communication. ‘ She told him calmly.

He studied her for a few seconds. ‘You are joking aren’t you? ‘ Oh no… He groaned. Will she actually go to that extreme?

‘How do you know I am joking? ‘ She asked, her expression not changing.

‘Are you joking? ‘ He managed a calm countenance.

Katherine tilted her head from side to side. ‘I am actually joking. ‘ She gave in and smiled.

Kelvin stared at her. How could a lady he could easily replace her post affect him so. He exhaled and took in her appearance.


‘I had to think about it properly, I had to know if I could put up with the responsibilities and challenges. Most importantly I needed to tell God.’ She looked away from him. ‘I forgot to… ‘

‘Ask the price you have to pay.’ He completed knowingly.

She pursed her lips.

He felt disappointed. ‘I beg you to erase such mind set when dealing with me. Please…Katherine, you deserve .’

She nodded.

‘Instead of having two eyes viewing things, SIC proudly has four eyes. What should go unnoticed by me, shouldn’t escape your notice. We are partners, you do understand what I mean? ‘ He beamed.


‘Sometimes, you have act as my representative in going to places and so on. You know what the paper work entails, also administration. Any time you’re confused, don’t hesitate to call on me.’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Those two words… ‘ Kelvin waved two fingers dismissively. ‘You have to drop the mentality of work between boss and secretary. Have you heard of partners who address themselves formally? ‘

‘No.’ She grinned mischievously. ‘What if I prefer the sir stuff?’

‘There is no room for preference, can I call you Kathy? ‘

Katherine looked at him momentarily as beautiful memories came back to her. ‘Can I call you Kel…ooops! I don’t mean it.’ She placed a palm over her mouth.

Kelvin laughed and stood. ‘I call you Kathy, you call me Kel.’

Katherine stood.

‘To your office.’ He extended his hand once more and she took it.

She was overwhelmed, not even in her most accommodating dream- she, hand in hand with her boss.

He appeared so relaxed like it was their normal routine.

Kelvin loved the feel of her palm, its tenderness like it had never know hardwork which he knew wasn’t true.

He opened the door and allowed her enter before he joined.

She gasped. Never seeing an office so feminine yet beautiful and spacious.

The office was painted in cream, her seat was same color but matted with a touch of baby pink, her desk was a glass top with simple metal supports. A book case painted cream and green also acting as a back drop for storage. Comfort pinpoint green stack chairs were at the other side of the desk.

There was a sitting wing, with the sofas green and cream, side tables a centre table and a sound system.

She looked away from Mr Franklin photograph, the President and governor portrait to the paintings  hung and then to the rug that made her want to kick off her shoes and walk bare feet.

‘This is beautiful! ‘ She exclaimed with her eyes sparkling.

He wished he could make the expression permanent because she looked breathtakingly beautiful. ‘Get a photograph of you framed so it can be hung. Kathy if there is anything you don’t like… ‘

‘No noo… it is perfect, just perfect. ‘ She head to her seat still mesmerized. Seems like the person who designed the office had her favorite colors in mind.

‘Can I sit? ‘

‘Ha… please sit.’ She quickly said .

He obeyed and she did same.

The seat was so comfortable, that shr was tempted to close her eyes briefly.

‘Here is your appointment letter. Later you go to see the admin director to discuss details of your employment.’

‘Thank you Sir.’ She collected the letter gladly.

‘You will be interviewing the applicants for the post of our secretary and another tomorrow. One of the receptionist will be giving you all the details, CVs inclusive. We have twenty applicants.’

‘I will look into it.’

He stood and extended his hand.

Katherine took it. ‘Congratulations. I trust you to do fabulous.’

‘Thank you.’

He left her.

Katherine opened the letter, read through before walking to the sitting wing of her office to kneel with both hands raised .

‘Lord Almighty, my Everything, this is the work You’ve given to me, I give it back to You. I ask for your guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. ‘ Her eyes were tightly shut.




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