‘From the rock, diamonds are found,
amidst thorns, one get beautiful roses,
from deep down the earth, wealth of
most nations have been found. It
happens that so many things of value are
found in the strangest places. ‘ Oladimeji
Adeniyi Gbolahan expressed smiling, he
gulped a quantity of his favorite poison.
The restaurant was rated the third best in
the state, food and drinks were of
international standard, the ambience was
hipster and trendy. They were seated in
the VIP booth.
Hester looked beyond and watched the
light above as it changed a couple of
times. she waited for him to continue but
when he didn’t, she spoke . ‘How do you
mean? ‘ She was in a black blouse on an
ash coloured pant trousers .
‘Before I continue Babe, I will like you to
eat. Your order for juice surprise the
waitress because it’s the cheapest here.
You gave same order last time. Relax and
enjoy Sweetheart , the bill is on me.’ He
cooed. He was in jeans trousers and a tee
She shook her head.
One of his body guards that stood some
distance away from them came close and
whispered to him. He nodded in
‘Sorry for the interruption.’ He shrugged.
‘Back to my earlier statement, most
treasure are found in strange places. ‘ He
grinned displaying his gap tooth.
She couldn’t help but notice his
handsome features were more obvious
when he smiled.
He looked at her in open admiration. ‘You
are more than any girl have met, trust
me, have met a lot of them. Your beauty
can’t be compared, you’re precious, one
of your kind and that is why when I set
my eyes on you, I … I was… ‘He felt
ackward all of a sudden because of Hester
‘s unwavering gaze. ‘Anyway, ‘ He laughed
leisurely, ‘You don’t deserve to be in a
country as this, you should have been
born in a better place. ‘ He picked his
glass cup.
Hester was shocked as if a bomb had just
exploded within the premises. ‘I can’t
take that compliment Oladimeji because
it is at the detriment of this country, how
can you say that in the first place?’
‘C’mon babe, forget that! ‘ His cup was
refilled by another bodyguard. He
scooped from the peppersoup bowl and
chew leisurely.
Hester looked at him bewildered. ‘This is
my country, this is also your country. I
look forward to a better Nigeria and it’s a
shame that you can say such a passive
statement about Nigeria …’
His hearty laughter interrupted her.
‘I got wondering, since you’re the son to
Adeniyi Gbolahan, the very top when it
comes to administration in this country. ‘
she continued unperturbed. ‘Can you tell
me if his administration has contributed
negatively or positively? ‘
He slapped her.

‘For a moment, she blanked out in shock.
Hester did not flinch, she did not
comment, she didn’t even touch her face,
she picked her bag, stood and made to
leave. ‘
‘Hey! ‘ He stood instantly, ‘no one walks
out on me.’ He left his seat,quickened his
steps and grabbed her arm. ‘Am I not …?’
His words died in his lips as she turned on
a heel and her back palm hit his cheek
Oladimeji staggered back and held his
cheek completely taken aback and use his
tongue to feel for blood. Two of his body
guards watched contemplating whether to
intervene or not.
‘How dare you slap me! ‘ His look was
fierce, ‘you don’t know the extent of
what you just did.’
She chuckled. ‘Tell me, I need to know. ‘
Her brows darkened as her expression
became serious. ‘How dare you raise your
filthy hand to slap me for no apparent
reason! Are you crazy? ‘
‘What! ‘ He flinched. ‘you dared to refer
to me in such a manner!’
‘No …no o …’ she sobered. ‘I was
referring to your uncivilized shadow. ‘
‘Grab her! ‘ Oladimeji ordered.
In a swift motion, she grabbed the half
filled bottle of wine and smashed on the
table. She held it defensively.
‘Yeah! ‘ Oladimeji jumped back as the
pieces of glass flew in different direction but his shirt got
soiled. His bodyguards were beside him
immediately to ensure he was Okay. ‘
He eventually burst into laughter.
‘Hester, you’re funny …hahaha! How are
you sure they are not even with gun.’
‘A weapon is worth more than others in
the hand of a person who knows how to
handle it best.’ Her gaze unwavering.
‘Sweetheart, are you a tout? ‘ He smiled.
‘It’s not written on the forehead. Stop
Sweethearting me, I have told you before
and I mean it now more than ever.’
He advanced towards her with
outstretched arms. ‘Come on Love, I
should be the one angry.
‘I Hope your brain is not failing you
already. ‘ She tossed the broken bottle to
the table and left.
Oladimeji pride had been tampered with
like never before, he gave a haughty
laughter and felt his cheek once more.
He issue out instructions to a bodyguard
who immediately made a call.
‘Muri, you didn’t see her on the first date,
what do you think of her?’ Oladimeji
asked the free bodyguard.
‘Ha Sir.’ He rubbed his beards and
chuckled. ‘She is even more beautiful
than Natasha and she is complete as in …’
He lifted his hand to begin to
‘Keep quiet before you exceed your
privilege!’ He cut him short. ‘Let’s get out
of here! ‘


As she came closer, she noticed it. ‘Jeez! ‘
Her fears was confirmed.
Three Tyres of her car had been deflated.
She knew instantly it was human
influenced, how can three tyres of a brand
new toyota car that had father gave her
on her return home go flat all at once.
She drumed her fingers on the roof of the
car knowing who the human was. She
tried not to get furious.
God please help me. she muttered before
considering what to do.
‘Hi Sweetheart, are you alright? ‘ She was
so engrossed in her thoughts that she
didn’t hear him approach.
Hester heard the mock in his voice
without even looking at him. So he still
had the gut to flaut , she thought to
‘I see …awww, who could have done this
to your car. who could have done this to
my baby? ‘ Oladimeji came close to touch
‘If you dare touch me, you will be very,
very sorry for yourself.’ She was pained
as she face him. ‘What was going through
your mind? ‘ She covered the distance
between them and lock gaze with him.
‘What were you thinking …? That I,
Hester Douglas Tobechukwu will be so
helpless that I will beg for your
assistance. You’re a sorry case dear, I’ll
rather trek back home than do that.
Oladimeji Adeniyi, you are callous.’
‘Be careful of what you say to me.’ He
raise a warning finger.
‘I warning you please stay out of life,I am
not interested in being your friend talk
more of being intimate with you. I can’t
be associated with an inhumane like you.’
He Stepped back unable to stand looking
into her eyes. ‘You don’t know who I am,
I am warning you Hester, am warning
you.’ His heart beat quickened, he had
never been floored by anybody, nobody
had even dared talk more of a female. He
was always in control.
‘Who does not know what is inscribed on
the big banner over your head. I’ve never
seen a guy who Enjoy basking in his
father’s glory and I can tell I’ve met
worth far recognized than yours. Anyway
…’ She tipped her blouse. ‘I am the
daughter of the man who pays your father
but does not mean …’He blanched and
that made her grin. ‘that I should go
bananas and do whatever I like and treat
people unfairly.’
‘You’re pushing me. Arrrrg …stop it
Hester! Stop! ‘ He suppressed the urge to
slap her again.
‘The worst you can do is to slap me and
be sure I’ll send it right back to you.’
Hester laughed heartily.
There was no activity at the VIP car park
so there was no spectator. Five of his
guards were behind. He fumed and as he
advanced towards her, two held him.
They knew her status and knew the likely
problem that may brew if he attacked
‘Leave me alone, allow me to teach her a
lesson!’ Oladimeji struggled.
Hester wasn’t done yet. This would be
the last time she would see him, so it was
best she bear her mind completely to
him. ‘I have heard of your misbehavior
while away, not a good ambassador of this
nation. What I see is a coward, only
cowards attack from behind. You’re
simply a child intoxicated with power and
I advise that you don’t think of yourself
highly than that. ‘ She snapped open her
phone and dialled a number. She walked
to the other side of the car and backed
He struggled still. ‘Boss …boss … listen
please… this is public, we never can tell
who is watching or where the cameras
are. Please let it go, she is only a woman.
‘ The bodyguard in charge tried to calm
‘If she didn’t consider that why should I? ‘

‘Why should I respect that when she
didn’t! ‘Oladimeji retorted angrily.
‘Sir you said you love her, if you really
love her, you will let her be. If you beat
her angrily, it may mar everything. ‘
The guard words touched a soft spot and
he looked at him. ‘ Are you sure it won’t
bridle her tongue? ‘
‘I’m sure Sir.’
‘You can leave me alone now. ‘ They let
him go. ‘It is your lucky day! You better
thank your God! ‘ He said on top of his
voice! ‘
Hester totally ignored him as she stoop
and hit one of the tyre. ‘… three of them
Bf,.. I’m serious …I have two spare…
Okay …I’ll be expecting you …love you …’
She laughed and ended the call.
The four vehicles were in line and the
sirens began blaring.
Hester exhaled.

‘Don’t tell me you about to change that. ‘
‘What does it look like? ‘ Hester looked
up at the stranger towering her before
she continued to Jack the car.
‘You shouldn’t do this to yourself, you
could easily ask the security men to aid
‘They offered but I turned them down. ‘
‘You did! ‘ He was amazed and looked at
the tear rubber sleek ride.’Three tyres!
How come? ‘
‘Some urchins did it. ‘
‘In this place? With all the security …?
Quite hard to believe. ‘
‘If you heard of street urchins then you
must have heard of executive urchins. ‘
‘I understand why you refused their
help.’ He laughed easily. ‘I better watch
out for the sake of my bentley. ‘
‘Exactly! You just read my mind ‘ She
suspected he must be an international
model and probably bi-racial. She roll the
tyre to a side.
‘Would you also turn me down? ‘ He
smiled and his face light up. ‘It is a marvel
that a beautiful girl like you will change
tyres when some guys would mind. ‘
She stoop once more. ‘Are you offering? ‘
‘I am.’
‘That makes a powerful duo, handsome
guy, beautiful lady. I will take you help
gladly. ‘ Hester smiled charmingly.

He undid his cufflinks and rolled up his
sleeves. He rolled the tyre to the other
side of the car.
He got the tools he needed from his car.
Eventually, they were through.
They washed their hands under a nearby
tap. Hester brought out bottled water
from her car and gave him one.
‘What happens to the last tyre? ‘
‘My uncle is coming for me.’ She met his
gaze with a smile. ‘I was wondering if my
cute helper has a name .’
‘Alexander. ‘
‘Mine is Hester.’ She extended her hand. ‘A
pleasure meeting you.’
‘I feel special meeting you . ‘ Alex winked
and she chuckled.
‘I appreciate your help. God reward you.’
‘Welcome. ‘ He look at her thoughtfully.
‘I am here to get a few things if by the
time am back and you’re still here, I’ll
order for a tyre. ‘
‘I agree, provided you don’t walk in and
walk out.’
He laughed and pecked her. ‘I love your
style. ‘ He walked away,turned to give her a final glance
and then continued his strides.

She watched him leave. It wasn’t all cloudy after all. She beamed.